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  1. tiaan kirchner

    Im so happy that they got speed-o-sound sonic in Tekken 7😁

  2. Shabbycat

    RIP Star Citizen

  3. daniel jack

    I'm already broke what else you want from me

  4. Janooojo

    Vora= KaynxVladimir and lex or what ever his name is = lucian...this game is just copy paste

  5. Ryan

    Can't wait for people to find old king Doran. That MF was the hardest kill in the game.

  6. Octoob Studios

    The new SSBU

  7. kimani chambliss

    Can somebody tell me what this game is going to be. Is it open world, is it a online game, what?????

  8. ColetheKing2002

    If I’m being honest, I would much rather buy AC Odyssey than this

  9. Brook Jones

    Bout time l havent played this in years. miniature Star Citizen

  10. I'm Beeg Yoshi

    This should have been a DLC upgrade for $20. Not a full price. 😒

  11. Khalifa Alzaabi

    How much FPS tho

  12. Quenteb

    Super Sacboy 3d world, looks realy, realy fun

  13. Samih Amer

    Even tho prolly no one gonna play it, I wanna try out 120 FPS. On controller

  14. mamta sang

    I ought a PS4 when I was just 3 years old and always tried to support PS1 , 2 , 3 , 4 and I will now try to support ps4 also . Just there is a request please gift my ps 4 account a ps4 fortnite gift card

  15. DELSIN y man?

    Played this for 8 hours you will not regret it

  16. AdvancedKrizalid

    This is sooo much what this game needed. I really hyped about it.

  17. bruh moment

    Yo thanks for the ps4 trailer bro it looks the same but thanks

  18. мэджик кет это я лосик который артур

    death animation looks cool

  19. TrueAssassin86x

    7 years later PlayStation 5 all digital edition

  20. Iamanewplayer

    Ps plus October free games plz

  21. Video Game TV Show

    Wow an new thing

  22. mazmaz cool

    Bad game it some any old game no any new bla bla bla

  23. m7md_ 18

    ok , nice

  24. Līga Vjatere


  25. among me

    im gonna get ps5 for my birthday :D

  26. Lumiere N. Reverie

    game I've been waiting for

  27. Demon2020

    Обожаю фнаф, очень любил поиграть в него, а сейчас я жду новой версии! Так как старые уже поднадоели, кстати, я же не 1 русс?

  28. Gunawan Gunawan

    Do i need to link the account again or no need?

  29. Breno Ferreira

    This game was my childhood back in 2012/13

  30. LimoncheloGamer

    ME ENCANTA 🤪😍🤩

  31. Chrisdi Vodi

    Oh yeah, this game exists.

  32. 1000 Subscribers without videos

    Would have been better if it was like a Futuristic Dark Souls

  33. Ab. Su.

    We will see Metacritic. Nobody can escape a Review.

  34. jelome

    this is filmed on pc

  35. José RLM

    Waiting for the plus games for october.

  36. Ιωαννης Μελετλιδης

    Amazing voice reminds me of optimus prime voice over.. Is that the same actor? Does anyone know?

  37. Everest et Fonkie

    Ce trailler est magnifique. Ps:abonner vous

  38. Zillla TheGod

    Yall not up on elite dangerous ....play this game on PC with a HOTAS controller and enjoy one of the best space games out there!!!!!

  39. Perspective Otaku

    This game still exists?

  40. Akbar Sarosa

    Chris Redfiled is back for this series..but why Leon didn't to be a character for this..

  41. Matrixx420

    So kiryu san is not coming from yakuza 😑

  42. john Snow

    I think its still the same game but this time you can customize your character as well as your weapons and armor but this time you'll start an empire like dynaster warrior 8 ,like DW8 empire : sandbox mode

  43. Manuel 1337

    Im sooooooo excited😍😍🤯🤯🤯

  44. IDM. design. ART

    0:24 she's not Kassandra, right?

  45. Vic Math

    I didn't like her face.. she looks like a doll, too much generic, nothing like a Japanese woman.. and blue eyes? Really? The mark on her face was something like a scar, but now... it's' ok but you know everyone here can imagine a best design for her. They did a bad job.

  46. GAVIN00006

    Ngl I thought this was gonna be the big free to play game of ps5, dunno why that was just the feel I got from it

  47. maoribrotha53

    4:32 He didn’t even have to move out of the way lol.

  48. Top Nepper

    For a second I thought this was an announcement for a new Sniper Elite game...I was like, we going to space now?


    "i pray who ever rendom person reads this become successful and achieve everything 🥰❤️🥰❤️🥰".


    "i pray who ever rendom person reads this become successful and achieve everything 🥰❤️🥰❤️🥰".

  51. Haruki Nakamura

    If sigurd is what they say as a bad guy here. I think his relationship with eivor will be something similar to thor and loki in avengers. True they both hate each other, but thor can't bring himself to kill his own brother.

  52. Darky Show

    Надеюсь куплинов в нее поиграет

  53. Mahmud Hasan

    To enhance the experince watch in 144p

  54. Ivan Carmona

    lo voy a usar para un trabajo de musica

  55. Chaos Flicks

    My PlayStation vr hahahaha

  56. Bruh Moment

    Trailer: Gregory Fnaf theorists: *Suffocates*

  57. Earthworm Sally

    I love how they made the character look like they change art style!

  58. Creative DITO

    So wait this isn't a ps4 trailer

  59. sean s

    1:56 I guess Belgium is not on this world lol

  60. Wendell Henrique

    Playstation para com essa merda de só postar vídeo para PS5

  61. Keith WS

    Never played any of these... So... It's a game about tectonic movement?

  62. Noel Ashraff

    Aah spooky dooky

  63. K. Rainbow

    Looks terrible with 25 fps

  64. Chuckles

    Loool. One of the top comments

  65. Mukherjee Enterprise

    anyone waiting for new series of harry potter?