State of Play | April 29, 2021


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    This Thursday, feast your eyes on more than 15 minutes of new Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart footage, plus a quick look at a pair of upcoming indie titles.

    There won’t be any hardware or business-focused updates in this show - just loads of explodey goodness from Insomniac Games.

    Tune in live Thursday April 29 at 2pm PT / 5pm ET!
    00:00 State of Play Intro
    00:24 Subnautica: Below Zero
    02:10 Among Us
    02:59 Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

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    1. oiuet souiu

      Ratchet & clank looks soo delicious. Its like playing pixar movie

    2. yasio bolo

      I really wish some company would take the initiative to remake jak and daxter

    3. asioe kiou

      Ratchet and Clank 2077, the influence of that masterpiece will be felt all along the next gen.

      1. oiuet souiu

        Rift Apart looks incredible!!! Now if only I could get my hands on a PS5 so I can actually play it...

    4. FamiComplex

      This was the longest Ratchet & Clank ad I've ever seen.

      1. yasio bolo

        Looks very nice, time for a new resistance game

    5. Z-Slap-Nforcer-Z

      Bro I got banned permanently because I put I sell vpns in my bio they said I can’t do that and permanently banned me my account rip 2009-2021 I will never buy a game from them again and even worse they said if I charge back the games I paid for they whoud ban my system that shoud be illegal

      1. asioe kiou

        'Welcome to Ridiculousness, my name is Clank Dyrdek, and with me, as always, Ribbit West Coast and Ratchet Brim!'

    6. Rock girl

      That's why y'all people need read term, agreement and even youtube video description lol

    7. Robert Gray

      Oh no we don’t get jet pack in this one

    8. yuoop noke

      these characters have more emotion than the characters in AC Valhalla

      1. Rock girl

        2:28 when sus

    9. Bruno Miranda

      E porem PS5 à venda ? Agradeciamos

    10. skychaelin

      I actually never played the original subnautica but seeing this really convinced me to get below zero for my new ps5 :)

      1. yuoop noke

        ssssssssssssuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuussssssssssssssss state of sus

    11. g g

      When are PS5's gonna be available in the us? and where can i purchase one?

      1. PIaystation

        🅦🅗🅐🅣'🅢 🅐🅟🅟 🅞🅡 🅣🅔🅧🅣 +➊➑➊➍➏➍➐➊⓿➍⓿

      2. PIaystation

        To get the PS5..

    12. Majima Goro

      the female lombax has completely turned me off from this game. Can't have a PS4 western game with just a male protag now adays. i'll pass

    13. Zokemon

      That trailer music gave me ridiculousness vibes. Anyone?

    14. Sonic fan!

      Who is here after Sonic Colors remastered confirmed for the next state of play?

    15. Alyne Elida


      1. dolita windo

        2:10 Among us woohoo!

    16. Alyne Elida


    17. Squiddy_101

      Somehow the live chat was worse than the Nintendo Direct life chats, but here we are.

      1. dolita windo

        Where is FNaF: Security Breach

    18. Marcin Plays Games

      I think I will buy Ratchet & Clank, not really my type of game but it looks like a fun ride.

    19. makreel

      Rift Apart looks incredible!!! Now if only I could get my hands on a PS5 so I can actually play it...

    20. my private rollercoaster !!!

      Looks very nice, time for a new resistance game

    21. dolita windo

      'Welcome to Ridiculousness, my name is Clank Dyrdek, and with me, as always, Ribbit West Coast and Ratchet Brim!'

    22. eilif helmen

      7:50 the music in the background is lit,

    23. Seth Mulembeta

      👏👏👏 no words

      1. Seth Mulembeta

        For 3 idk but I would like to see it

      2. dolita windo

        I don't care 1. I can't get a PS5 anyway 2. Gta 6 is just a meme 3. Where is Horizon forbidden west

    24. Rozalioooo

      2:28 when sus

    25. Bradley Japhta

      So hyped for among us

    26. Asen Hristov

      ssssssssssssuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuussssssssssssssss state of sus

    27. kill dozer

      Where is the ps5s you punish us for not owning one but you cant even find one.

      1. PIaystation

        Ɯɧã𝖙𝕤𝔸𝕻𝕻 at +❶❸❶❸➂➄➀⓶⓻⓺⓻

      2. PIaystation

        To get the PS5.....

    28. Shaneel Sukul

      Hit "like" if you want a new Sly Cooper game

    29. Shanmugam Kathir


    30. Cyber Gamer

      We need playstation restock in Indian, please

    31. •[TheBerø] #saveralph

      Where is FNaF: Security Breach

    32. jaces 69

      2:10 Among us woohoo!

    33. Zsonki XD

      So, no Gran Turismo..... (smashes phone)

    34. Rocker LAST

      Ratchet & Clank looks like exact ripped of sunset overdrive.

    35. Gamer Z Khan

      Finally among us on playstation

    36. John Doe

      a bit too late with among us

    37. masquinyo

      Subnautica: Below Zero reminds me of Mirror's Edge to bad EA destroyed that.

    38. Juan Rodriguez

      Can’t wait for among us

    39. Feike H

      I don't care 1. I can't get a PS5 anyway 2. Gta 6 is just a meme 3. Where is Horizon forbidden west

    40. violin kalebe

      ''a femeale lombax appears '' everybody: R O M A N C E

    41. Xenowolf

      Ah, another PlayStation Direct.

    42. Harvey Matthew

      I legit don't get the hype for this game and before anyone asks yes I do own a PS5. It just seems like any game on PS5 gets hype due to lack of games

    43. Farsil Bauhil

      cyberpunk is garbage

    44. Andrew Pascua

      Gran Turismo 7 and Rift Apart are now my only reasons to get a PS5... That is if I can buy one. 😔

      1. PIaystation

        Ɯɧã𝖙𝕤𝔸𝕻𝕻 at +❶❸❶❸➂➄➀⓶⓻⓺⓻

      2. PIaystation

        To get the PS5.....

    45. Ignacio Manuel Aicardi

      Ahhammg * deep voice * AMOGUS TUNTUNTUNTUN TUNTUNTUN

    46. crazycutz

      how about releasing the ps5 machines..

    47. Kelvin Griffiths

      I mean, they could've just released a ratchet and clank trailer. Was hoping for more than just that.

    48. Kylemlgboss

      Below zero is the only thing I’m excited for rn

    49. Tdawgmcdizzle

      The thing about haptic feedback, I think, is that we'll quickly become used to it and it will be less amazing in about 2 years.

    50. tilenkobe

      This is the most sus state of play ever

    51. Menickc

      Was lucky enough to get a PS5 but I was pre ordering R&C regardless. Needless to say when it comes out I won't be putting it down until I've achieved every trophy in the game and played it in it's entirety

    52. Rtl Acc

      This is awesome! When does the ps5 come out??

      1. PIaystation

        Ɯɧã𝖙𝕤𝔸𝕻𝕻 at +❶❸❶❸➂➄➀⓶⓻⓺⓻

      2. PIaystation

        To get the PS5.....

    53. Video games

      Nice 👍

    54. Oscar

      "Full length"? What does that mean- oh, full price. Gotcha

    55. bigjake423

      I am PRAYING that there is a Sly Cooper remake at the end of Ratchet and Clank. It would be a epic way to bring him back to a extent

    56. byVerbel

      What a stupid State of Play really, this makes no sense.

    57. Mistur Potato

      No coment talk amog us :(

    58. Erick-kun *se moja*

      Everyone who bought Subnautica: Bellow Zero when they found out that they are going to put it for free: .____________________.

    59. Mr Beast


    60. Jacopo

      Yeah funny, now bring back Jak and Dexter

    61. Nicolas R

      I can't believe that Among Us is able to run on the PS5.

    62. Hfric`s Gaming Backlog

      oh so this is the SECOND CHAPTER of "Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus" that was to be in the game before it was cut ...and now its become this game ... meh if you ask me , nothing original shown ... the original ratchet was great , Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction with its better destruction even better and planet exploration ... Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time was the best original game in the series ... what came after that was pure lame awfulness ... sorry bud , but shiny graphics don't lure me over when your game design and vision is awful ...

    63. Jim's Gaming Cave

      State of Play: Rift Apart Edition.

    64. Şenol Mutlu

      I think u wrote wrong title should've been ratchet & clank GAMEPLAY

    65. Benji CH

      4:46 this looks more cyberpunk than cyberpunk77

    66. Run zord

      This was the best yet shortest state of play we have got. U have redeimed yourself Sony. Just a little bit longer next time.

    67. Run zord

      The PS5 and Xbox. Despite the sales being way better then the Xbox. The ps5 and Xbox are tied with the Xbox being 0.3% better cause of the games pass. This will be a very close one for those who care about console wars. The ps5 with the controller and the Xbox with game pass.

    68. Steve Robinson

      Are you folks really excited about any of this.........I'm starting my search for an Xbox I'm done being ignorant

      1. {} Blake {}

        Read the description. If anything you were ignorant.

    69. Господин Сикатор

      Boring 🙄

    70. KoKane

      Rift apart looks more and more impressive with every new video.

    71. Decoy Platypus

      I was promised KNACK 3 gameplay, maybe next time. That's when the tru power of the PS5 will be unleashed.

    72. Egan Rabiee

      Ratchet and rivet can have baby lombaxes together

      1. Elise Lighten The Fennec Fox.

        No. Rivet isn't Ratchet's girlfriend, Talwyn Apogee is.

    73. noahmeme2

      I didn't even know about this state of play.

    74. Bivv93

      2:19 what a shameful game fellows. I just dont understand that what kind of resource usage is this game utilizing on such powerful vg consoles in the start of 3rd decade of 21st century.

    75. Byung Jun Park

      That ratchet game looks bussin!

    76. No Searches

      Amaszing game ratchet n clank

    77. chayce hamilto

      who. else thought sb was gonna be in this

    78. jamaan z


    79. Priya Gurung

      Man come on why always why innersloth your favourite dialogue *Coming soon*

    80. Anubra Kahn

      This really could have been an email.

    81. aidan


    82. Neo Anima

      Wow that was awesome gameplay of rift apart. Cant wait to play it!!!!

    83. Ax Gameplay

      Very nice

    84. Ashley Trills

      Wheres the jak and daxter remake ;)

    85. Jack Sanghera

      Sony,Is there gonna be a Mortal Kombat 12?

      1. Gamer Bamban

        Ask Warner Brothers Interactive mate its their IP

    86. Flamey Gaming

      Anyone else think Insomniac Games should!! Make a new spyro game it was once there baby and it needs attention would blow reignited trilogy out the water

      1. Flamey Gaming

        @Gamer Bamban I know just massive wrong move

      2. Gamer Bamban

        Insomniac Games can no longer create Spyro The Dragon if they wanted to since their creation was taken over by Activision making it their property

    87. 黄身卵

      毎回毎回今回こそはって思ってがっかりさせられる配信イベントstateofplay。 もう少し頑張ってほしい。

    88. Permijit Dunkley

      Eminem fashion designer so..@#.

    89. NSG

      Can't wait to play some Rivet & Clank

    90. VivalaryMan

      This is gonna be amazing in 2 - 3 years when I buy a ps5 ☺️

    91. Dynamism Impulse

      Since when is "State of Play" about a hack off of a game.. and only that... don't turn into Xbox, Sony!

    92. J Prince


    93. Your Subconscious

      we get it developers, PS5 made cool controls that will make us "feel" feedback. We don't need to be told in every game.

    94. Rafael P.


    95. Giorgos Ha

      Stato of pray

    96. MythicMikeyYT

      PlayStation is better than trashbox😁

    97. Kadeem Walwyn

      😳I’ve been on this franchise since the beginning and I’m honestly not ready for how great this game’s gonna be....

    98. Seiji m

      “The award winning original”

    99. Shaka

      Rip Xbox player 😍

    100. Tien To

      Among us 👻😈