UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Exe:Late[cl-r] : NA Monthly Finals : PS4 Tournaments Open Series


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    Go head to head live on the Competition Center!! Challengers wanted.
    Competition Center : play.st/31IcP8d​
    BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle : playst.cc/3gwxBAA​
    Soulcalibur VI : playst.cc/32KEt57​
    UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Exe:Late[cl-r] : playst.cc/3gAO9rk#UNICLR #PS4Tournaments #UNDERNIGHT

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    1. Skyblaze

      14:06 I don’t know this guy but he uses Mika well

    2. Дмитрий Старинин

      Please add support for 1440p resolution in the console

    3. Dark Sun

      No one plays online on the switch version

    4. Ден 95

      Лгбт Чун ли

    5. Sohan K M

      day 36 asking for free ps5

    6. •Zahoort Shoojaa•

      Hi I'm new to this channel 😊

    7. Ricardo i

      backward compatibility on ps4

    8. The M

      Do you guys not have live chat support ? I have a quick question but can't seem to find a option other than calling or Twitter. I don't have a Twitter and I love over seas. (The question is not about when ps5 drops)

    9. Kevlar

      Is there going to be any Naruto tournament? 😃

    10. Jesterking

      Why is plague in a 12 year old girls room?



    12. Tino Dark Meli

      In the future: New console: : "PlayStation 2 Remake". Me: 🤯

    13. Joey Chill

      Didn’t even know this was a fighting game.

      1. Katchy

        Well now u know

    14. Starving Rtist

      What's the music/playlist they're playing before the show went live?

      1. m1rasantika

        Its the opening theme song for the game and the character select bgm

      2. Portgas D. Ace

        @Biblioteca do Arquimago Ditto

      3. Biblioteca do Arquimago

        I'd like to know as well

    15. EEProgaming


    16. Max_SBG


      1. Max_SBG

        @Michael J nice

      2. Michael J


    17. God Made Weed, Sun Flowers & Birds !

      I expose our government, I have 2 million overall channel views.

    18. Abdul Aziz


    19. Abdul Aziz

      GTAVPS5 🎮😘🥳

      1. Wix360TV