Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War & Warzone - Season Three Combat Pack Trailer | PS5, PS4


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    Get a FREE in-game bundle to celebrate Season Three of Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone™. Featuring an Epic Operator Skin for Garcia, an Epic Weapon Blueprint, 2XP token and much more! Limited time only for PlayStation® Plus members.

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    1. yasmina ab

      Thank you but I don't want PS Plus

    2. Santiago Dalence Aguirre

      I'm confused, that ffar is an epic bluepint or an ultra one?

    3. Maarten Wigboldus

      Is this bundle already in the ps store?

    4. Cyber Gamer

      We need playstation restock in Indian, please

    5. Orange Monks

      Yeah I’m out of space

    6. nathan rodriguez


    7. nathan rodriguez


    8. deadtreebark

      That gulag inmate skin they gave away was the best

      1. wyatt olver

        the gulag rodion one

    9. Tiarnan Mooney

      I can't find it

      1. Tiarnan Mooney

        @Play Station no

      2. Play Station

        *BASECRACK on instagram got ps5 restock text him asap* .

      3. Play Station

        *if you want a purchase a PS5 for retail price* ..

      4. Tiarnan Mooney

        Nvm got it

    10. Aygo

      Why xbox not have combat pack

    11. tyo yusuf8


    12. Hemokinesis

      The map update is sn embarrassment

    13. Amine Laribi

      Where is the ps5 update for warzone!!!!

    14. Railley Estigoy

      Going dark😎😎😎😎

    15. Rorschach

      Waaaay better!!

    16. vrm life

      Btw they all are playing in plunder

    17. KIN S

      COD CW & Warzone was eating almost a quarter internal ssd 😨 So I had to move it into the hdd. Will be not playing for 1 month. Because i want to finish the returnal and others game. I think, it is the right time to unlock the external ssd, pleaseee

    18. Answer My Question On every live stream

      Cold War on the PS5. Would be so cool.

    19. J Dekker

      So no new melee weapon blueprint that's disappointing

    20. Randy 7

      And still no ps5: warzone 120 FPS🤦🏽‍♂️ like really who plays Cold War

    21. Rahul Tanikanti

      I have a ps plus, do i get this pack for free?

      1. McCree Main Without Aim


    22. Sȋ̈mplyMĕ̈

      The watch is too big for the wrist and is also upside down.

    23. Chimatey

      just got released right after my ps plus subscription ended 😐

    24. Michael Rodriguez

      Not going to lie i thought it was ocelot from MGS3

    25. vaktresh

      when is it comiN?

      1. vaktresh

        ok thanks

      2. Le Gonk

        Its already out now

    26. Pascal-Hassan Al Assaad

      Whats the price?

      1. DamurahAlKashir

        Its free

    27. Wiktor Palamarz

      Ffar nerfed

    28. Anthony de hijar

      I'm buying this :)

      1. Daniel328

        @DamurahAlKashir It's only available to PS Plus members.

      2. DamurahAlKashir

        Its 4 free

    29. Tasty Linguine

      Remeber there is also another free operator skin for ps plus players. Comes with m16 blueprint

      1. Nocturne

        As if we didn’t have enough of those already.

    30. Bannyan

      ofc it drops right after free access ends 😂

    31. Николай Тиспиреков

      Call of Cosmetics Ammo Belt Ops

    32. N810 K.

      Combat pack👀 mk11??

      1. Cheli

        No, if it was Mk 11 it would be Kombat pack...hehe...

    33. Insan3

      Looks like the quartermaster from cod WW2, he wore a extremely similar outfit in the season 2 map pack event

      1. DEVILA

        that's because it is, just hiding in plain sight

    34. Simón Angulo

      Porque me dice que el arma es ultra 😅

    35. Fresh !


    36. Antonio White

      Lol man I can't wait for Battlefield 6

    37. PemimpiX

      I just have to say, f*ck this game and Activision, I love you Toys for Bob, I love you Vicarious Visions, Activision don’t deserve you ...

    38. Wilmer Pérez

      Los que han jugado COD WWII saben que de que personaje es esa skin

      1. Hector L

        Que? Tendre que jugarlo por que este es mi operador favorito

    39. suliano

      Estou tentando me cadastrar no concurso Playstation, mas não está abrindo o link no site da Playstation.

    40. we want days gone 2

      We want days gone 2 👑🙏

    41. Shadow

      Jabroni’s use this skin only 🤢

    42. Logo Hype

      Battlefield 6 is going to make me leave CoD😭

      1. reno2200

        Battlefield 1 is part of the PS+ Collection on PS5. Battlefield 5 is going to be part of the May games. You've got options if you want to dive in with Battlefield before the new one comes out later this year.

      2. cris solis

        Can't wait for bf666

    43. Caper Crusader

      Crash Bandicoot themed camo

    44. M A

      VIVA Verdansk

    45. Nuno Joao

      It's free?

      1. BlackBananaMan

        yes its free but u need ps plus

      2. Enrik3r0 ._.

        Ps plus

    46. RobinWrath16

      Warzone eat Modern Warfare ☹️ how sad

      1. RobinWrath16

        @Andrei Co Yes cold war have a duplicate game on warzone lol

      2. Andrei Co

        *coldwar ate warzone and mw*

    47. Bear

      Fix the game

    48. Make 1

      I miss Modern Warfare skins...

      1. Make 1

        @Sandwich yeah you are right.

      2. Sandwich

        Modern Warfare had its time

    49. Mint

      Who tf cares

      1. Low poly dog from modern warfare


    50. ابراهيم

      they givin us ffar blueprints acting like they havent nerfed it

      1. giovanni

        They didn’t

      2. Jags

        people still use it in mulitplayer

    51. I-Luv-ZombiesYT

      This pack is ugly 💀

      1. BlackBananaMan

        @Shadow grow up kid

      2. BO3 Is Better Than Cold War


      3. Agent Linrov

        @BO3 Is Better Than Cold War Do you still need PS Plus to get it?

      4. absolute unit

        @Shadow Imagine calling someone poor I bet you still play on PS4 💀💀

      5. BO3 Is Better Than Cold War

        automatically assuming i'm poor. grow tf up

    52. Aiden Arias

      ITS ABOUT TIME!!!!

    53. Lucky Nando

      Nice nice bring more


      Finally I been waiting

    55. Dirk Huber

      This probably isn’t the place to speak up about it, but is there any chance we’re going to get 120 frames per second support for PlayStation 5???

      1. RobinWrath16

        Console showcase 😁

      2. Ridley The Strange

        The PS5 version of Warzone isn't out yet, they did imply the 120fps support but no solid promises

    56. Harsh

      Maybe if the game didn't make the rose skins invisible in dark areas these other operators would actually be viable.

      1. Giveus TheMoney

        @IGZAKTE yes police officer this man right here

      2. IGZAKTE

        I’m proud that I bought the whole season 5 battle pass. Roze is the superior skin

    57. Dяαиу


    58. Sam Fisher


    59. nikeairjordanfly

      they forgot to add the part where it costs $20 for all of that

      1. Rafael Menezes


      2. Ridley The Strange

        You're the type of person that talks before they know the facts aren't you?

      3. AmP

        That's because it's free

      4. Rudy Magadan

        Bro that's the free ps plus bundle

    60. Márcio Dias

      where are the mini gun helicopters at warzone ?? already in the launch trailer I saw it, and now also, but I don't see it inside the game, or haven't I noticed it yet?

      1. Habs H

        They will add them in november, along withthe tanks and other vehicles and better graphics, they will change the name too, bf6 or something like that

      2. Márcio Dias

        That's crow, ever since they put it at the beginning of the riberth who said it, it's been many months and they never put it on.. So there is a bug that takes half a while to be resolved, which was said when these helicopters were launched with the riberth, which was a bug, but never put available again.. We see in the trailers but we can't use

      3. Josh O'Hanlon

        @HandzUp10 low-key hope they don’t come back seem mad op

      4. HandzUp10

        @Josh O'Hanlon yeah there was a glitch where you could get insvisible for the rest of the round. They tried twice to implement the heli but the bug was still there the second time

      5. Josh O'Hanlon

        @Xtra Foot-nite Yeah was in the game when new season launched but I think there was bug

    61. Almighty Dreadhead


      1. wezasx

        @Almighty Dreadhead me too I replied you cuse i'm bored

      2. Almighty Dreadhead

        @wezasx idk I’m bored

      3. wezasx


    62. samuel rosales

      Thanks man

    63. Fakhreddin ALaa

      Nice skin tho

    64. Juan miguel

      Oh yes

    65. PopTartKing1998

      What’s y’all thoughts on season 3 so far?

      1. Javelinguard

        It's better than Season 2.

      2. Shoaibs gaming

        I like the new Verdansk 84 layout

      3. Mike Oxlong

        The one season I actually would complete

      4. YaBoyKinko

        It’s Ight

      5. Luciano Curti


    66. DexL