WarDogs: Red's Return - Gameplay Trailer | PS4


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    Available April 29, 202
    Follow Red in the first part of his saga, facing several challenges to uncover the reason behind the current chaos state in the suburbs.

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    1. Cyber Gamer

      We need playstation restock in Indian, please

    2. Scott Zummers

      So a game where you beat up dogs?? Former NFL Player Michael Vick has joined the battle

    3. Tard Wrangler

      black excellence

    4. M B

      Looks terrible

    5. The Heel

      No one: Description: available on April 29 *202*

    6. Raquel A

      with the games that can be done nowadays why do devs continue to make games like this

    7. Cyriousyler1986

      Nice 👍🏻 Full Price 60 Euro 😂

    8. Jose Tan

      Cool classic.

    9. stoneroses8818

      Yep... You know the console is nearing the end of its lifespan when this is the kind of games that are left to release on it.

    10. Allen Starrdust

      Epic stun locks

    11. daryl Ingram

      Michael Vick was the creator of this game

    12. communism 2

      I’ll stick with Streets of Rage thanks

    13. Master Ken

      This is a mobile game for sure

    14. Svante Skoog

      This looks horrible...

    15. Саид Юсупов

      I want the watch dogs Mom: we already have watch dogs at home Watch dogs at home:

    16. Wildfya

      Terrible game or not this is something new and they decided to not show this in there state of play🤔 okay makes sense

    17. GamesPS

      Android or iOS?

    18. Rezkin

      Who in their right minds would buy this... Especially for a console.

    19. Snowball Fights

      Devs reading the comments with tears in their eyes

      1. Dimítri Limas

        ​@KyoumaRen ainda peguei leve

      2. KyoumaRen

        @Dimítri Limas carai dimitrikkkkk

      3. Dimítri Limas

        @zoe daemon souce: your schizophrenia

      4. zoe daemon

        Devs: my arts, my coding hours, why you guys not appreciated its 😭😭😭

      5. Dimítri Limas

        I read them with a smile =3

    20. SoUtH MeMpHiS

      War? War NEVER Changes ❗

    21. MaxPayen Venic

      Red is back !!!, babyyyyyyyyyyyy

    22. Yafan

      Days Gone 2.

    23. Blake

      Pretty sad and scary how the trailer shows absolutely nothing but finishes on micro transactions. Clearly aimed at younger kids to spend money. Game looks terrible too

    24. Astralmess

      A fckn furry feverdream.

    25. jasiel delgado

      Looks like a mobile game

    26. Little Light

      Ahh yes a 2010 miniclip game

    27. Theodor Sørensen

      This is bad

    28. ixuth

      Year 202??????

    29. carpetfluff

      Streets of Rage if everyone was made of modelling clay by a 7 year old.

      1. Shiloh Ayden

        @Kyson Duke Definitely, I have been using flixzone for since december myself =)

      2. Kyson Duke

        Pro tip : watch movies on Flixzone. I've been using it for watching loads of movies during the lockdown.

    30. Iron Cross666

      What if I don't want to be a pitbull can I be a chihuahua! LoL you can even give him a sombrero

    31. Alex McHugh

      I really thought it said watch dogs 😂

    32. Derek Stewart

      Dog eyes

    33. Yakuza-Sensei

      Worst game of the month, even if it's free I will not play it 😅.

    34. Swampy LAD

      Who thought watch dogs as soon as they read the title

    35. Khalifa Nasser

      Hehe must be free game low beget 🤣

    36. Shama

      I love music

    37. Gnator8t4

      This game has been available 1819 years so far!

    38. Marcos Vinicius


    39. Pestor

      Yo yall gotta stop porting unnecessary mobile games

    40. Julio Lara

      Epic boss battles !!! Me"............wait did I miss it?"

    41. 316whatupz

      So when will Clifford The Big Red Dog and Roman Reigns be DLC?

    42. FantasyNero

      Slow action it gonna fail also the graphics look like old game

    43. Daniel San

      It's like streets of rage.

    44. AfroSamurai215


    45. what the

      Oh goodie another psplus free game

    46. ProGi

      this game has escaped from mobiles?

    47. Der Kritiker

      The worst trailer . And maybe the worst game

    48. Broken Skull

      I didn't know that they still make ps2 games

    49. Mongosis

      mobile games are better than this

    50. Bruhcow

      They even messed up the description ;(

    51. turtle g


    52. caio linkevick

      I swear i read watch dogs ...

    53. Joao Leonardo

      Caracoles kkkk

    54. Broccol1

      This looks like the old tmnt game on the ps3

      1. Redric


    55. Ohne Namen

      Sleeping Dogs Watch Dogs War Dogs

    56. Apenas 1 rato

      Mais um motivo pra darem risada da gente, parabéns aos envolvidos nessa porcaria.

    57. Roger Haugedal

      They're actually bragging in the trailer that they have microtransactions?? How come this doesn't have more dislikes?

    58. ScxrredEdits

      I only clicked the vid because I thought the title said “watch dogs”

    59. Max Power

      the fact that playstation even promotes this ...

    60. Jett Ankermann

      How did you pull off making Blacksad look even uglier?

    61. Cool Vibes

      😂 some kid is going to buy this game thinking its watch dogs

      1. GTPlanet1™


    62. Mario bittencourt

      Aew, dêem like nessa poha, é jogo Brasileiro, caramba!

      1. Apenas 1 rato

        e esse ai é pior que um game mobile ruim, ta longe de mediano

      2. Mario bittencourt

        @Apenas 1 rato um dia a rockstar fez games medianos

      3. Apenas 1 rato

        pra ganhar like tinha que ser bom

    63. Psycho Witch

      Looks like watch dogs gone to low graphics now

    64. Flavio PS

      Brazilian 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    65. Sergeant971

      PS5 does not deserve this kind of old retro games

    66. Marcel Tanaka

      a mobile game at best, did they really spent money making this?

    67. Duke Abbaddon

      Bad doggy!

    68. ReCarolina

      QUByte 🇧🇷♥️

    69. Powershield

      Looks like one of those "fake mobile videogame" ads

    70. Лесничий

      bare kungle please

    71. Zygimantas L

      ughh. Worst game i have ever seen

    72. GameMasterpg

      Watch Dogs

    73. Gromao Games

      É nóis! 👊💥🇧🇷

    74. MazdaChief

      Red pill game

    75. Other Prisma

      Brazilian games have been on the rise lately.

      1. burn type-r

        @Other Prisma lol

      2. burn type-r

        @Rob II cobra kai, horizon chase, override 1 and 2, chroma squad

      3. Other Prisma

        @Rob II 99 Vidas.

      4. Rob II

        What games have they made that have been on the rise ?

    76. Lucas Abreu

      Bora Brasil!!!!!

    77. JBK 1964 • S.Torres

      kid: mom i want watchdogs mom: happy bday son, surprise i bought your game wardogs



      2. Dylan Morrow

        Garbage meme

    78. Nox

      Who Let The Dogs Out....To Learn Kung fu XD

      1. Riot man

        Everybody was Kung fu fighting!

    79. witters85

      Ummm.... No.

    80. Alejandro Gonzalez Rico

      wardogs XD

    81. Gazio. x3

      I saw “WatchDogs” 😂

      1. No Name unknown


      2. Psycho Witch

        Me to

      3. Netanel Meir Shalom

        Same here 😂

      4. Defalt

        lol before me to lol lol!

      5. Linn Renn

        Lol me too lol

    82. Nicolas Batalha

      Que isso estúdio brasileiro aí é pog

    83. Intergalacti Cosmo

      **Absolutely nobody knows who Red is** QuByte Game Studio: Red is Back!

      1. MadPropzBaller


    84. projecto ek

      sorry but this looks awful

    85. Ryuken

      This game looks atrocious.

    86. Willvo1

      PS4 where is secret neighbour coming out its out today where is it

    87. Whirling

      I have a hard time believing this is the game the developers wanted to make.

      1. Snowball Fights


      2. Whirling

        @Mito Games No offense but this game looks like an excuse just so you can tell others that you made a game.

      3. Mito Games

        Why do you think that?

      4. Rhiethreal

        A furry and his money are soon parted.

    88. Ryan Roldan


    89. John Nada

      I read Watchdogs i found Wardogs....

      1. AR gaming

        Mee too

      2. Matheus Bezerra

        Me too 😂😂😂

    90. Daniel Bermingrud


      1. Daniel Bermingrud

        @Flavio PS lewl o.o

      2. Apenas 1 rato

        @Flavio PS jogo merda, tu é burro?

      3. Flavio PS


    91. Faizan Mohiuddin

      No thanks.

    92. Walesky Alves Meneses


    93. Some Man

      A 37 second gameplay trailer? Seems a bit short...

    94. alberto vinicio

      I saw "Watch Dogs" 😂


        mee 2

    95. Nop

      Brasil patrão.

    96. Burhan Altuntas

      no one asked for mobile games 💩

      1. M4TT YN

        it's not tho.

    97. deputi.

      looks like mobile game

      1. Dracovania

        @Treil Blaze it was x'D

      2. Treil Blaze

        @Dracovania that's still too high a price 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      3. Dracovania

        @Treil Blazefun fact: it is xD I bought it for 1.99 on the eshop lol

      4. Treil Blaze

        Yeaaa looks pretty whack fr. The game better be like $3.75 😂😂😂

    98. burn type-r

      Br1: "chefe, a red nose quer q a gente faça um jogo..." Br2: "sussa! Copia tudo do cobra kai legend continues q tmb é BR, coloca uns cachorros antropomorficos e zás! Ninguém vai perceber!" Br1: "vc é um gênio, chefe!"

      1. burn type-r

        @Mito Games apoiar=plagiar kkk

      2. Mito Games

        Só FYI, o projeto do War Dogs começou em 2015.. com essa mesma história, já eram cachorros e tal.. foi refeito e LANÇADO pra Mobile em 2017, então acho que a sua colocação está um pouquinho equivocada. Somos totalmente a favor e apoiamos TODOS DEVS E GAMES BR. :*

    99. Angel Mbewe


    100. Mirarid

      So, it's a furry game. Nothx

      1. M4TT YN