Rainbow 6 Siege - Apocalypse Event Trailer | PS4


38 миӊ. көрүүлөр19

    Humanity destroyed our planet, yet life among death pursued. Play the Apocalypse in-game event to protect the only life left on Earth. Become the last bastion of hope and play for a limited-time from May 4 - May 18.
    Rated Mature

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    1. J M

      that last rick and morty update kinda broke me

    2. Booligan Prime

      Rainbow Six Siege: Beyond Thunderdome

    3. Zephyr360

      I don’t get it.

    4. Vrael P


    5. Sivangamesnl


    6. Nick Natsis

      Game is ruined, the latest update took away Ace's smoke grenades and lowered Jager's ammo from 30-25 which makes no sense. Thanks Ubisoft for making a terrible decision.

    7. Rishabh Jain

      Whenever Ubisoft need content :- Humanity destroyed our planet 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    8. Ricardo i

      backward compatibility on ps4

    9. DYT001

      Why does that villain guy remind sme of the villain from mad max kind of movies lol

    10. Grass Monkey

      Can't wait to play this! Hopefully mira is playable so I can be robo

    11. Gabriel Rodriguez

      I don't think this trailer knows how to Six siege

    12. ICEYICON

      what’s the special game mode ? haven’t played in months so.

    13. The Aizien

      Hi, I wanted to know if you plan to bring your incredible Bravia Core streaming service to Ps5?

    14. Chillionaire

      More trash events

    15. Robert Gardner

      They really just decided to pretend Quarantine never was announced 🙄

    16. Derassasine 155

      0:44 I don't like sand. It's coarse, and rough, and irritating, and it gets everywhere

    17. Killershootin 69

      Just milk it to death ubisoft as usual

    18. Daniel Tiger

      Is far my boi Fuse with even less concern for civilian life?

    19. Naive Daysダニエル

      Just bring back outbreak while we wait on the full release.

    20. Mr. MagicMan

      Is zombies back?

    21. Vodka Slam

      Just kill this 7 year milked game.

    22. Kryptid Shadow

      That's crazy because Apex S9 drops too so it looks I won't be playing.

      1. Gary Wynthorpe


    23. Tavix milk


    24. SwggCityENT

      Am I the only one that wants a new Rainbow Vegas with a cool new campaign 🙋🏻‍♂️

      1. ICEYICON


      2. JaCTGaming


    25. Ali kandil 47

      What a trailer ! I almost nut on my screen!!! 😫😫

      1. ali kandil

        dude we have the same name. what??!!

    26. Unit_Joe

      0:47 those few asked what was in the canister

    27. Vitão


    28. Tomoya Toko

      Ubi noticed player numbers dropping lol

      1. Axioo

        @Nathan more like rising since 2019

      2. Nathan

        They be dropping since 2019

    29. Can Mutlu


    30. DACC Ferreira

      Havent played much this season, might hop on to this for a day to get the pack and then im done

      1. Rusty

        Nah play the entire pass if you haven’t already


      That male voice actor was absolutely terrible. Who at Ubisoft told him to do that voice you made him sound awful 🤦‍♂️

    32. rambosey

      Dramatic trailers but actual game play is pixel peaking headshots

    33. Nicolas Gonzalez

      This looks like a wall-e gamemode

    34. fireraider98

      What happened to stoppimg the terrorists oh wait they went to play sports.

    35. MarMar .V


    36. DragontailsX _

      Jeezz this comment section is so ungrateful

    37. MR ZR333

      RB6S Prop hunt now that is what I would like to see

    38. Torn Tokoroa

      Unpopular opinion. Prefer Rainbow games with co-op. Like with Vegas.

    39. Ehsaan_101

      Bring back doctors curse

    40. Deaglecombat

      Imagine playing this game in 2021 trashhh

      1. Leo 97

        I'm playing it

    41. CraftierAverage

      excited but when they teased a may 4th event had hope coulda been some star wars goodies ;-;

    42. Justin Time

      Tf is happening💀

    43. Jin Kisaragi fan

      Playstation destroys Xbox with their own gamepass

    44. appleJuice

      among us

    45. hello hi

      Doctors cruse is still the best game mode for me

    46. F30 Dane

      If y’all want help to hit diamond. Comment below your psn and I got you

    47. TheNoid

      This is what happens to a carcass of a franchise when you try to make it like Call of Duty

      1. JaCTGaming

        what lol

      2. DragontailsX _

        What ?

      3. B. Salcon

        Your wrong

    48. Eeanjay

      I think imma skip this events cosmetics. They seem kinda basic

    49. ara


    50. chavchav

      Looks like they managed to repackage hostage and give us this. I just want a new map

      1. chavchav

        @Shawn K lol agreed. The movement can be tweaked a bit. Feels clunky.

      2. Shawn K

        I just want a purely revamped game with visuals on par with games in the year 2021 and not an assassins creed engine from 2012.

    51. Miguel

      Who here want roblox on ps4?

      1. Mystic Shado


      2. Brezeriken

        Roblox is for kids

    52. Dhanraj Malwadkar

      When did caustic come to siege?

      1. DJCR33P

        I think you mean "when did Smoke come to Apex Legends?"

    53. Miguel

      Sony, please put roblox on ps4

      1. Beta

        It’s an Xbox exclusive mf they can’t get an Xbox or use a pc or phone

      2. Midoriya 777

        wrong video

      3. The Green Machine

        I keep seeing you everywhere and its the same answer.... ROBLOX IS XBOX EXCLUSIVE

    54. Salis

      Can we get outbreak again? A mode that was actually fun to play more then once?

      1. Salis

        @goose-bhai gaming lol shut up and dont take my money

      2. San Lan

        @Xukaii outbreak

      3. Xukaii

        @goose-bhai gaming sell what

      4. goose-bhai gaming

        They will sell you that at $60 later this yr or next yr

    55. Stuffthatsfunny1

      Why do they make these events so short?

      1. 1-800-555- SMILE

        Fomo is the reason

    56. Hatem Fawzi

      Very touching when he said REAAADeaaPtioOnn

      1. Ali kandil 47

        Very touching indeed

      2. Darkstar8473

        I agree I almost shed a tear.

    57. Ajel

      RIP R6 Siege serious setting and style

      1. oppa arby

        Dude... That's just a limited event. They're not gonna rework the whole game for this.

    58. Thomas V.

      Shredder? That you?

    59. Franco Laguna

      Pov: Rainbow six ist mad max

      1. The Green Machine

        How this has nothing to do with spiked weaponised cars

    60. Black Naruto_1

      This is just like star trek

    61. Auto Hunter

      Congrats to anybody who is early and who finds this comment useful 🤝✍️💯n

      1. ClearMindJoker

        Imagine thinking your comment is of any use....

      2. Thomas Jarvis

        Why would this be useful lol

    62. Joshua Lucier


    63. TripleMoya Games

      Why he sound like El Sueno over the radio😂

      1. The Lindefann

        The santa blanca cartel

    64. Itz Fry

      I do be grounded tho

    65. Raven 1


    66. Jayden Spires