Subnautica: Below Zero at State of Play | PS5, PS4


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    Learn more about Subnautica: Below Zero, arriving on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on May 14.

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    1. Vaderman 45

      Can you get below zero for free on Xbox if you have the original subnautica on Xbox?

    2. bizmonkey007

      I wish I could get a PS5. The original Subnautica runs terribly on the base PS4 and I doubt this’ll be much better.

    3. Dansphalt 9

      I can’t wait to see the ice worm on the PS5 also who else got jumpscared at 0:48

    4. PlayLordGames RUS

      Im 10, so i can watch! Yay!!!

    5. InvaderZim 1x

      Just pre order it ! I’m hsppy

    6. canan canan


    7. ً

      this is exactly what i've been waiting for this is exactly what i've been waiting for

    8. シロクロ


    9. Toilet paper king I love the bum paper

      I have been waiting for this game for so long

    10. RadiaKtiv_ツ

      0:48 Look in the back...

    11. Bald Eagle

      They’ve just showed us an entire game in this trailer.


      I love this kind of game

    13. Ah shit, here we go again.

      So many people are amped i never even heard of this game. Im gonna take my time with re village.

    14. 【ֆɨʍքʟɛ】

      Make multiplayer, not because i want to play with my friends, but because im sh*tting myself even in the lifepod if i am alone.

    15. Aventx

      Subnautica was really disappointing so my expectations for this game are low

    16. Yunus Eka Wibawa

      already preordered this game.. cant wait for the next week

    17. Essjaythegreat

      Does his have multiplay or coop?

    18. Efe Aslankara

      Its daht for free

    19. Matias Vågeng

      I’m so excited I love your game, please make it free again.

    20. Vitor Lopes Tavanti

      como ja sei que nao vou ter dinheiro pra comprar nem to animado ;-;

    21. Andrés Santana


    22. marvelfan7800_yt

      i love this i hope they make a bunch more subnatica games from different parts of the planet

    23. Terry

      If i get this game on my PS4, will I be able to download it to my PS5?

    24. dukesnukes

      Wait so we have to play as a woman. I don't mind but I wanted to pick gender.

    25. Назар Бучинский

      Я уже жду её

    26. Giulio Barzaghi

      Does anyone know if you'll lose progress by updating the original subnautica to the ps5 version?

      1. Rodrellick Here

        I’ve been scrolling for the same question, I’ve just started playing the original and hope it doesn’t make me restart on my ps5

    27. Untitled

      May 15 boys may 15 this gem releases

    28. kopytko

      Is it for free

    29. Adão Alves

      Imagine how sick is gonna be Subnautica 3

    30. Cyber Gamer

      We need playstation restock in Indian, please

    31. Ben Jack

      So on May 15th the original will get a PS5 upgrade to 60 fps as well?

      1. Yunus Eka Wibawa

        they told so be it..

    32. X TKJ 1 - Dhafin Salman

      i don't have PS4 or PS5 ;o;

    33. J Murphy Park

      Best horror game ever!

    34. Bronzznn

      I would play it on the ps5 if IT WAS IN STOCK!

    35. Narada ferreira blanco

      Es más una demo técnica que un juego

    36. CrazyW0nderland

      you cross my laaand, im the Alpha

    37. ً

      Wasn't this free on the playstation store? How does it say it launches May 1⁴?

      1. Ben Jack

        Original Subnautica was free on psn, this is a trailer for Subnautica: Below Zero the next game.

    38. M1ST3Y _

      What about Xbox?

    39. firestorm

      I wish they did another game but sky based. You have to fly everywhere and it is an advanced alien sky colony.

      1. Mohamed Ali

        I would love that bud.

    40. Filip Pivac

      Say will subnautica below zero sayng goes free?

    41. Yasu

      Thai Game is creepy but amazing

    42. Infernal460

      Preferred silent protagonist, oh I also notice black protagonist and white "southern" antagonist. Pass.

      1. Jack M

        Hahah, snowflakes man.

    43. michael radziminski

      I will enjoy my day :) thank you

    44. Matti4317 YT

      is free?

    45. Hranolka XD

      Plsss Give it free

    46. Wolfiee-to

      Ngl Subnautica for PS4 is terrible fps drops, every time I close my pda the frames drop to 1 and more

    47. Saeed Salem

      We want at least 2 co-op

      1. Dev 1977

        It would probably ruin the atmosphere

    48. the best tho

      There is no ps4 left there sold out

    49. Noel Karam

      Is it gonna go for free?

    50. German Quality

      El mejor juego de supervivencia de ps4. Te sumergís a su mundo de manera instantánea.

    51. Go Cs

      i love that game and i hope to add co op soon

    52. Santiago N

      No way

    53. Dd C

      Any way to make it multiplayer?

    54. Ben McManus

      So, is this the original game? Or is this a different game to Subnautica?

      1. GLiTcH2

        It is a new game (sequel)

    55. Boog Conr

      i pre ordered it like a smart boy

    56. Boog Conr


    57. Yamatertasu

      Pls free

    58. kreios US


    59. Dnim

      Nice PlayStation, nice

    60. First Last

      Does this mean it's finally leaving early access?

    61. M0xXiY_ ?

      How many FPS will be on PS4?

    62. Alex Moreno

      Similar a no man's sky

    63. Yan Marcos Guzman

      That a vr game right

    64. Nexhmie Zela

      Is free ?I have ps5

    65. Jose Carabuena

      Anyone know if its gonna be 60fps on Ps4 Pro?

    66. Frosta118

      Let's goooo

    67. Truth Seeker

      Why would people want to game on a console and call themselves gamers!!!!! PC is where Gaming comes from and what Games are made from. Consoles are for 3rd world countries or something. For they are nothing but, hand me down tech from PC'S!!!! All Hail, PC'S!!!! The Origin Point, of Technology!!!!!

    68. Ionut Donisanu

      Can i play on ps4?

    69. Jevil

      Mark needs to get hecking ready

    70. Alpha Beta

      Why does this have a no man sky feel to it?

    71. gamer jhonata

      Libera subnautica below zero de grasa ou pelo menos porun preço mais barato PlayStation o outro subnautica tava por $60 reais ja tava meio caro mas vcs liberaran de graça mas $120 reais no below zero que isso pelo meno libera por uns $80 reais ai seria um preço bom pq ele é melhor que o primeiro ai vale ser mais caro mas $120 mano abaixa ou bota no (play at home) obrigado

    72. block

      Me, who isn’t planning on playing this on the PlayStation

    73. let's game

      Well it be the same thing for the subnautica disk or Digital

      1. let's game


    74. Mosthero1

      I’m getting this game, no promises for me to actually play it

    75. Roge Doge

      Bl*ck people swimming ruins the immersion.

    76. Wardzy

      Are there sharks in subnautica or is it just fantasy creatures?

      1. GLiTcH2

        There are creatures with shark in their name but they are not sharks in the traditional sense as it's an alien planet you are on.

    77. CloakedSpiritYT

      When are we getting it for Xbox

    78. Pub G

      mans said rezorses at 1:06

    79. Steve Sirois

      This game needs to be merged into No Man's Sky!

    80. V_I_A_DOC Jr

      Let's go bro

    81. uwu


    82. uwu


    83. Felipe Avendaño Toro

      Does this game have multi-platform multiplayer? Ps5 and pc, for example.

      1. Martin Firth

        It has none. It's single player only

    84. ATZ103_ThebadblackFox

      Now it’s subnautica with ice

      1. FILIP -_-

        Wow its below zero with ice wow

    85. CAK Nelson


    86. MrGamingFTL


    87. cachorro motorizado

      Optimize the standard version of the PS4 please 🙏🙏🙏

    88. _Nathanabeth _


    89. Thepooheadlegend 2


    90. Daemonshade

      If you ever need confirmation that a console generation is scuffed all you have to do is listen to the advertiser jargon "up to 4K with 60 FPS in performance mode". What this means is you're going to get a dynamic 4K in 30 and a 1080p-1440p dynamic scaled 60 FPS mode with likely graphics reduced. Was it too much to ask to keep things simple, or actually tell people EXACTLY what the game offers instead of leaving it vague in the hopes people thought you said "4K60"?

      1. Martin Firth

        Anyone with half a brain knew that anyway. I mean they didn't hide the fact that both consoles were close to a 2070-2080 pc graphics card in terms of performance, with Ray Tracing we're closer to a 2060. They're now mid ranged cards now. You'll see last gen games running at 4k 60 but newer games will be lower.

    91. Xenith70

      Will it be in 60fps for ps4?

      1. bizmonkey007

        Keep dreaming 😂 - It’ll struggle to maintain 25fps, have terrible pop-in, and routine crashes. I love the original but I’m going to wait to see how it runs before picking this up.

      2. Martin Firth

        Nope. It's even more demanding than Subnautica so expect 20-30fps

    92. Taylor L

      why isn't this game co op...

    93. Sniper pro207

      Warning : entering ecological deadzone passing 200 meters oxygen effeciency greatly deacreced

    94. Lofvers

      This game looks so much better than the original (visually and gameplay-wise)

    95. komisch

      Please make it in VR😐

    96. Atabak Fartash

      When will it get free?

      1. Atabak Fartash

        @FILIP -_- I know that’s why I can’t get it :(

      2. FILIP -_-

        Its 30 dollar game they lost so many money

    97. BartjeYeYo Gaming

      Subnautica was alright. Kinda small and not much to do than explore and grind for materials. Ill wait till deep sale if I ever gonna get it

    98. Salocin Giböl

      warte was

    99. PhoenixYT

      me without a playstation-

      1. FILIP -_-


    100. Musama The Slim

      Should've been VR