R-Type Final 2 - Launch Trailer | PS4


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    Upgrade, evolve, destroy. R-Type Final 2 brings you an unparalleled side-scroller experience with colorful visuals, frenetic shooter action, and modernized gameplay features. Experience the debut of this legendary series on modern platforms!
    Available now on PS4.

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    1. Stealth Section

      Used to play demo version of it on the ps2, ALOT.

    2. Zoheir Lameche

      Sega Master système i remenber

    3. randommusings

      not so final after all

    4. Alessia Becchimanzi

      I like R-type final 2... I have game on ps2

    5. Ricardo Palheiros

      Now we need another Thunder Force :)

    6. Cyber Gamer

      We need playstation restock in Indian, please

    7. Kept1

      I am so excited to play this!!! Game arrives later today!!! We need a new Gradius now and Darius!!!!

    8. Blackpatty1992

      Nice 🙏🙏

    9. Israel Gonzalez Abrego

      Hope Sega and Treasure looks this and make Thunder Force 7 and a new sequel from Radiant Silvergun/Ikaruga

    10. Nico PS

      R Type Final 2 version fixed color changed for tomorrow render DONT TOUCH AAAAAA 256379333. AVI

    11. Toni Leidinger

      When will there be an update so we can unlock the other ships like Deadalus ?

    12. Prissana Mueangpoonpon

      Now Squarenix do Einhander remake.

    13. Borntorazegames

      Come on, Sony, we need a WW2 submarine simulator game on PS5, like Silent Hunter 5!

    14. Shifted Car

      R type dimensions is still one of my favorite games

    15. Hovis Steve

      Shame about the initial high price point though.

    16. Eric Cartman

      Amiga 500

    17. Conservative Gamer

      R-Type Final... 2!

    18. navisoul

      This game genre had its time, it is now just nostalgia. skip for me.

    19. Otaku_GameFan


    20. Suicidalizm

      40€ 🤣

    21. campos3452

      It’s aight I just don’t like the music at the end of completing a stage. 🤦🏼

    22. ShadowlIlIlIl

      The only difference between this game and returnal is the camera angle

    23. Leandro carvalho

      Woww , i need now,Gradius and Einhander 😎😎😎

    24. TheRandomname951

      Noice!!!! But the OST isn't edgy enough for me like Einhander's :)

    25. De4dByDesi9N

      I’ve been waiting for this game! I looked it up on PlayStation store so I could download it but.... it doesn’t show up when I search it...just the previous title... anyone know when it’ll be available? Thanks I’m advance.

    26. Michael Schneider

      I’m definitely buying this

    27. SuperEmotionEngine

      R-Type Not So Final 2.0

    28. William Parrilla



      Holy... did not expect this!! I was going on a nostalgia trip recently and R Type was one of the games I checked out again

    30. OrionAsgard Zero

      I want to buy it however I can't find the game on PS5 PlayStation Store..can you help me?

      1. Angry Mobsters

        Get it Physically, its better bro. For a game like this you are better off physical. Plus only 10 or 20 bucks more so like 50 total you get the collectors edition. R type is also a very pricy series so if you ever want to sell it. You can profit twice as much compared to what you paid for

    31. Idiotic Tirades

      This and Returnal are going to keep me busy in space for awhile.


      loving this game so much!! R-TYPE IS BACK!!

    33. Adam Gould

      Having a laugh at £35 to be honest. If it was £16 maybe....i.e. standard indie price? Lol

    34. Tensolin01

      So like, why isn’t it actually on PSN yet?

    35. lain11644

      How is no one talking about this game?

    36. Natsuki-Nero

      We need a EINHANDER Remake too

    37. Miguel Angel Medina Rise

      I loved R-Type Delta so much !

    38. Jerry Bot

      Space fighter with xenomorph cockpit fighting xenomorphs.

    39. Conrad Zimmermann

      So happy there are physical releases !! Can confirm us that the game is 60 fps please (at least on Pro and PS5)

    40. S. G.

      Severe nostalgia.

    41. Joshua Ennis

      Ah yes another video from playstation of a game you cant buy from their store

    42. the hacker

      Finally I waiting for this game to play on my ps4

    43. Felipe Peloso


    44. mystyle _jm

      I wonder if we have R-Type Tactics III in UE4/5 or R-Type Command/Tactics and Tactics II: Operation Bitter Chocolate port yet.

    45. Poshoman


    46. Saint318

      Picked it up today and will be doing a playthrough soon.

    47. Jermel Pigram

      Oh yeah

    48. marcos rohena

      Not for ps5 wow 👎👎👎


      Ight this game looks sweet

    50. Christiam Cruz

      I CANT BELIEVE that R-Type is back after i think more than 23 years ago. I used to play it back on the PS2😭💕😲

      1. Christiam Cruz

        @Mr. X i'am 25 and i still knew that this franshise goes way back in the days. Btw dang iam glad that even you in your 39 years your still gaming. Iam glad to see that 😊

      2. Mr. X

        Check out how old I am....I used to play r type on the Super Nintendo. I’m old(39)! Now my 21 year old son acting like this is a new game series

    51. Jason Samsel

      I didn’t know his was a thing until today! Guess I’m buying it after work!

    52. 사람인

      Upgrade PS5x XSXo XSSo

    53. El Kokun


    54. Cacakito SP


    55. jorbandven

      If the ps5 isnt coming back till next year AT LEAST make the ps5 controller work with ps4

    56. Billy Badass

      Looks so beautiful!

    57. Playstation Gen

      So where is it on the store then

    58. Tavix milk


    59. StarFyreXXX

      you can play this on a PS5?

      1. Forzathon is back


    60. Aaron Webb Will Be Rich


    61. Derek Stewart


    62. bardylon

      Still missing on the ps store

    63. Olavo Fernandes

      Very omega boost vibe

    64. TechBassUP RPG

      Looking for this type of game. It is super epic! Old school shooter with 2021 graphics and sounds. Let THE-ARCADE-NESS COME ALIVE AGAIN! Shooter or shoot-em-up are timeless. Either you love it or hate it. I love it!

    65. Stas Dzubenko

      Человек из прошлого захотевший увидеть игры будущего, будет просится вернуть его домой после этой игры)

      1. Stas Dzubenko

        Олдфаги без обид, старое должно оставаться старым. Что же, фантазии настолько не хватает?

    66. we want days gone 2

      We want days gone 2 please sony hear us we fans days gone we want days gone 2 and give a chance to bend studio to make days gone 2🙏

    67. we want days gone 2

      Please hear us sony we fans days gone we want days gone 2 give a chance to bend studio to make days gone 2

    68. ShakinBeef

      Lets go bois..

    69. Dr Cory

      Cool game trailer

    70. Rosemary Dwitasari

      Blazing Star?

    71. oneupdawg

      Still not in the north american storefront yet! Just want to get the download done when i return from work 🤣

    72. ivo

      Very cool

    73. ferretace

      I had super R type on the SNES and now its on PS!:D Hype

    74. Jim Ryan

      Looool! This brings me nostalgia. Used to play this on TurboGrafx!

      1. matt11708

        I played r type on sms.

    75. Jon

      No ps5 with 120fps?

      1. Forzathon is back

        The only next gen version is the XSX version and even that doesn't support 120fps

    76. ApocalipsiS Gamer


    77. MaynardOC

      La wea hermosa !

      1. Crygames Xx

        Al fin un chileno que conoce esta juegazo

    78. BlueFlag Alpha

      This is the actual final

    79. Jack Magaiver

      Excelente ,r-typre back

    80. mentalcorrupt

      Put it up in the store already...

    81. Nii Calvtwitch

      There's a lot type of this game on Android

    82. Alexander Karp

      Yeah but Resogun tho

    83. meriç ekşioğlu

      I played the original on sega master system like 25 years ago or maybe more..

    84. Rob K

      This game deserves a little bit more advertisement. It's a gem

    85. Chromium

      so a version of this was developed for series X but only not for ps5....WHAT?

      1. Forzathon is back

        Probably just a question of priorities and/or dev time. Maybe it will come to PS5 later

    86. MagisterHamid

      Why is this not available on PS5? I can’t find it on PS STORE!!!

      1. osiito lindo

        Just wait or maybe only on PS4

    87. Haziq7x

      If this has multiplayer, shut up and take my money!!!

    88. abhirupsingh4004

      Ps4 is reduced to a platformer console 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    89. Notorious Punk

      I’ll be getting this on the Switch

    90. MustafaPS5

      this was one of my fave space shoot em ups 😁 a list of games i want remade gryzor, rastan, double dragon, renegade, ikari warriors, solomons key, gauntlet, dizzy, airwolf and space invaders these are just some games i loved 🥰

      1. Angry Mobsters

        @Blestyr We need a Darius Gaiden and G darius Remaster too 🔥🔥🔥

      2. Blestyr

        Don't forget Einhander.

      3. Peter Englert

        That PS1 Space Invaders game was tight

    91. James Kenyway

      Get us Days Gone 2.

      1. James Kenyway

        @joãoguilherme fontes leita It is worth fighting for.

      2. joãoguilherme fontes leita

        Never going to happen

    92. Harold Robertson

      Investing ls how you create wealth,I started investing from pandemic crash 👍

      1. Jim Ryan

        buy PS5 stocks! Oh wait... we don't have, d'oh!

      2. Michael Sam

        @Patrick Jack That won't bother you if you trade with a professional like Mr David mattos

      3. Patrick Jack

        I wanted to trade Crypto but got discouraged by the fluctuations in price

      4. The Moon

        Crypto is the new gold

      5. Blake Smith

        Most intelligent words I've heard.

    93. - james

      As a kid I used to play that one level of R-Type Delta on the PS1 demo disc over and over

      1. Angry Mobsters

        @OscarMaris Einhander was godly af. One of the best shmups.

      2. TheRandomname951

        @OscarMaris same sample CD volume 7

      3. OscarMaris

        I did that with the Einhander demo

      4. Mr. X

        Check out how old I am....I used to play r type on the Super Nintendo. I’m old(39)! Now my 21 year old son acting like this is a new game series

    94. Tiago Tavares

      Sério? Não tô acreditando! Meu Deus!!!!! Que notícia maravilhosa!!!!!

      1. Joey Boey


    95. Jhamil Ricardo Chalco Escobar

      I love you grandzella ❤️

    96. JFlow2786

      No digital ps4 or is it only physical copies

    97. Brandon B

      I hope this hits the ps store later today