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    Hood: Outlaws & Legends unveils Commented Gameplay video offering an in-depth look at the teamplay-oriented medieval heists!
    Hood: Outlaws and Legends, the multiplayer PvPvE heist game from Sumo Digital and Focus Home Interactive today releases an in-depth Commented Gameplay video of its unique medieval heists. Matchmaking in opposing teams of four, choose your character based on your preferred playstyle, or what best fits your team’s strategy. Whether your gang prioritizes a stealthy long-range approach, brutal close combat or a combination of both, cooperation will be key for victory. Watch today’s Official Commented Gameplay video for a deeper look into how the different characters play out and combine during critical stages of a match.
    Stealth in service of action
    Stealth is your best way of gathering enough information about enemy positions, the vault location and map layout to plan and execute your heist. Beware! If any enemy spots you, your character becomes outlined in red, revealing your position to the opposing team and the rest of the guards. Charging in mindlessly can be fatal, unless creating a diversion was your plan all along. Use stealth to move around undetected, distract or assassinate guards, steal keys, retrieve treasures and, most importantly, choose when and where your team enters open combat.
    Four Outlaws with unique complementary playstyles
    In this Commented Gameplay video, discover how each character can be customized with specific perks to emphasize certain playstyles. For instance, you can equip the Ranger with special melee and burst damage perks to make your way to high ground and cover your team from afar. Although known for his support abilities, you can equip the Mystic with a fast movement perk, slipping past guards to steal keys and silently unlock doors for your team.
    Pre-order now for early access and cosmetics!
    By pre-ordering today, you’ll get early access to Hood: Outlaws & Legends starting May 7, as well as the Forest Lords cosmetic pack for free. The Forest Lords pack includes a skin for each character and weapon in the game. The Year 1 Edition is also available for pre-order, giving access to Hood and three Battle Passes due to be released post-launch, after the initial free Season.
    Pre-order now on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 to get exclusive bonuses and early access to Hood: Outlaws & Legends from May 7 - three days before the official release on May 10.
    Rated Mature: Blood and Gore, Intense violence, Language

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    1. Jake NHale

      This game is TERRRRIBLE

    2. nOT tHEE

      The dark age of gaming is upon us this is trash. I’m still waiting for my moneys worth for ps5.

    3. Dave Lloyd

      Ok, are they going to remove the highlighting? Seriously. Didn't people learn from medal of Honor? Let me just repeat it for the Devs in the back NOBODY, I MEAN NOBODY ENJOYS HIGHLIGHTED CHARACTERS IN AN ACTION MMO! I REPEAT. NOBODY!! I hope they patch that out before Friday or else I dunno, I might wait. It ruins the immersion experience

    4. Bubbabutt04

      I’m so excited even though I won’t be able to buy it for a bit lol

    5. Cyber Gamer

      We need playstation restock in Indian, please

    6. gsx 1340

      no singleplayer ? bye !

    7. CROOKED420 S

      I wait for the youtubers to show all the bugs before I buy

    8. Venom OXYYT

      How much fps on ps4?

    9. ButtercoreFTW

      nice we spawncamping direkt promoted wird, direkt n grund es sich nich zu holen lel

    10. Mr. House

      MORE Online TRASH for Teenagers, no thank you!

    11. Jeremy P

      respawn? no perma-death?? that's a little disappointing.

    12. jahh1975

      It’s too dark ...

    13. Juan

      this seems not balanced at all

    14. LasLantic Gaming

      My kind of tactical game, looks great!

    15. Kaneda

      well, this made me cancel my pre order lol. Too concerned with how cyberpunk came out, and those animations, plus the latency... I'll just wait for the reviews to come out.

      1. Greg Basterfield

        same 😪 none of the action feels very satisfying, it’s just models rubbing up against one another

    16. Emmanuel Mbala

      Nah, needs way more polish. A lot of clipping through objects and other weird visual glitches. Either extend a beta, make it free on PS+ or delay the game.

    17. Hakan Dürmeli

      Looks nice but i think to get the most fun from this game u will need to play with 4 friends to communicate dont believe it will be fun with randoms and can 4 man run with ranger? Whats the class picksystem

      1. SignatureTre

        Everyone can pick the same class and there will be more game modes. One's expected to be tdm like

    18. Kiriu Xeosa

      I paid and pre-ordered I put my faith in you guys please don't start half assing this game

    19. tobey Lurp

      LOL 5:12 Yeah these animations are pretty bad

    20. That Guy Choco

      Did anyone else think of: Redhood and the Outlaws?

    21. Poogles

      Looks bad.

    22. Numan

      ist not playstation gameplay pc

      1. JJ2SAD ø

        Maybe or someone is using MK on ps

    23. Vasyl Vostryshev


    24. Saibot

      for honor for poor people

    25. All facts No printer

      Let’s be honest we all know this not how the players gonna actually play the game 😂

      1. Colton Major

        @Eduardo Sincere yup, I've been using Flixzone for since november myself :)

      2. Eduardo Sincere

        Pro tip: watch movies at flixzone. Me and my gf have been using them for watching all kinds of movies lately.

    26. Ting Wang

      Looks boring honestly.

    27. Somewhatsarcastic

      I appreciate the fact that they show actual gameplay

    28. love4remind

      Playing this with random players and no mics must be a nightmare.

      1. Lemon Cake

        So is any strategic multiplayer pvp game. Play R6 Siege without mic and/or randoms and you'll most likely have a really bad time.

    29. Nownadda

      Animations look so weird to me. I’ll just wait for reviews can’t see myself getting no more that 5-10 hours of fun. I’ll give it 6 months and bet it will be a free PSN game.

    30. N3STRo

      That game looks amazing

    31. Harry Boi

      anyone else laugh at him pronouncing melee as mealy

      1. GettysburgBatle

        English dialect has different meanings for words lol 😂 Must failed school huh Like mom and mum same word different dialect

    32. PurePunishment99

      This to me screams repetitive gameplay.. once the short lived hypes over, youll be struggling to find team mates online. 4 v 4 isnt enough to keep this game alive

    33. Maria Gonzalez

      this actually looks incredibly fun

      1. Greg Basterfield

        @Jeremy P yeah I was hoping we were getting more of a 3rd person robin hood Hunt:Showdown

      2. Kiylin683 YT

        @Jeremy P respawning is probably just to discourage teams rushing each other in the very beginning and ending the game easily that way.

      3. Jeremy P

        I'm concerned you can respawn, no perma-death. Weird to me.....we'lll see tho.

      4. SU Youtube

        2 days later.....uninstall

    34. J Dooms

      Online only? Nvm. Looks cool tho.

      1. Kaneda

        yes, it is a competitive pvp game, of course it's going to be online.

    35. Nemesis Dast

      Game that will be forgotten in 3 months. Repetitive game structure Animations, did anyone say animations? Always lowered with stupid enemies like death Zero interaction with the game world Kill the one with the same 3 actions, finished. Disappointment.

      1. JV

        and that was the brawlers overhead attack chain so yea it looked the same, and it’s not repetitive seeing how the location of everything changes from game to game so

      2. JV

        You will have interaction with the game world, did you miss the part where the brawler lifted up a gate?

    36. James O'Shea

      Vaas is that you?

    37. Thots_And_ Prayers

      The PVP combat looks really bad. Probably going to be a button masher for the most part

    38. Nemesis Dast


    39. Ezekiel Grim

      Everyone remember this is not full price it's only 30$

    40. jorbandven

      Ps5 controller work on ps4 PLEASE

    41. Daniele Ceccarelli

      this looks like a bad free to play, and it costs like what? 50 bucks

      1. Dark Silver

        @I DarkEcoDemon I 50 bucks if you want the full game without stuff already made for the game "cut out" from it like skins etc. its like a day 1 DLC hidden in a "special edition".

      2. I DarkEcoDemon I

        $29.99. And it looks fantastic imo.

    42. Lucas Martins

      Why I keep having the feeling this game is gonna flop? Not miserably, but will flop anyways?

    43. Samurai Blur

      For a game that's still fresh, looks pretty solid, can't wait for the finished product!

    44. Tiffany k Morales

      Morning can't wait for it

    45. StellaRhyme3

      This looks derivative in the worse way. Combine that with the plodding pace of gameplay & you have a pretty boring game.

    46. Foenix 80

      HAHAHAHA! every game i see from playstation that i actually want to play is also on steam. thank goodness i don't need a playstation for any of these games.

    47. James Kenyway

      Get us Days Gone 2.

    48. Maheshwaran Gnanasambantham

      another cash grash grab 'multiplayer' game

    49. Waddis

      this is fire like mine beats :D

    50. Hachiroku Media

      The gameplay is so janky... Looking like a early access game on steam

    51. Hammy Gaming

      Another game which will be forgotten about in a few months

    52. Hexel

      Na… I’ll pass on this one.

    53. bunny-firegg 1

      Why is the ps4 having MORE problems since the ps5 was announced

    54. Francisco Butte


    55. digitus prime

      stop crouching please

      1. nanakiinu

        It's a stealth game???

    56. Gioco Royeca

      Crouch simulator. Even the "tank" crouches

    57. JmFix2

      Can't wait mahn

    58. Your Subconscious

      looks like this would get really boring really fast

      1. Game Wolve

        @Kaneda Lol I played the beta, but sure, okay!

      2. JV

        @Kaneda we do know, they’ve announced multiple new game modes post launch

      3. Kaneda

        @JV not even my point. You're ignoring player behavior. Battlefield has tons of modes, most people just play conquest. Titanfall 2 has a few modes as well, most just play attrition. Not saying you're wrong, all i'm saying is that we don't know.

      4. JV

        @Kaneda and also they’ve announced all this on their website

      5. JV

        @Kaneda they will have extra game modes, they’ve announced it in a previous video

    59. iris cana

      hey ps4 plss free download horizon forbidden west i love the graphic like the horizon zero dawn i have no money😭😭😭

      1. nanakiinu

        Then you don't get it? It's that simple?

      2. Koning_Pendragon

        It is free woth days of play look it up

    60. SevereFear

      Okay this video sold me

    61. Astronotics

      better than Trash & Clank

    62. we want days gone 2

      We want days gone 2 please sony hear us we fans days gone we want days gone 2 and give a chance to bend studio to make days gone 2🙏❤

      1. Lemon Cake

        Yeah because Sony is known for listening to their customers... They look at numbers only. And their numbers told them that Days Gone didn't do well enough on launch.

    63. choices2make1

      looks like assasins creed an for honor merged together these games look all the same so ill say this is a hard pass for me ..

    64. Spicy Chorizo

      I’m gonna wait for reviews

      1. GrayGooseShotter

        @GettysburgBatle why because I don't preorder games? I've gotten screwed too many times from preorders. Games shouldn't have to rely on them.

      2. GettysburgBatle

        @GrayGooseShotter sad life you live huh no wonder games never get a sequel

      3. Kaos Jay

        @GrayGooseShotter cool

      4. GrayGooseShotter

        @Kaos Jay IDGAF if its. $5 I'm still not pre-ordering.

      5. GettysburgBatle

        It’s like hunt showdown if you played that this will be fun for you I bought the deluxe version...I regret cyberpunk 2077 and outriders and marvels but those are current gen regrets I preordered...I never complained before and been preordering since halo 2

    65. Greg Xu O'serb

      So basically, the Heists Missions from AC Unity turned into a game

      1. Daniele Ceccarelli

        dont insult unity like that

      2. Clone


    66. Immortal Syndicate

      I wonder why more multiplayer games don't use stealth more

      1. Alexander Karp

        Because it's painfully boring....there, no more wondering kiddo lol.

      2. Colby Thibodeau

        ??????? there are tons of multiplayer games that use a stealth mechanic...

    67. oldman RETRO

      Online 😔

    68. Carlos Wilberto Rodríguez Rosas

      Looks like a generic mix of assassin's creed and Shadow of Mordor. With worst animations.

      1. JV

        This game is nothing like the shadow of war games

    69. Mr.Cubarino Gaming

      Yes I'm ready to play it ion my new PS2.. Thanks mom!!!!!

    70. matihandz

      Whats that? New AC?😂

    71. Sterling Archer

      There has been such horrible marketing for this game that I refuse to play it. Looks boring and generic

    72. hytwyehehhdhw

      Who’s ready to brawl with a fist iron gut and subscribe to me

    73. Alexander Karp

      Meh I can already feel the fun factor leaving my soul after a few hours , this is a pass for me unfortunately.

    74. GettysburgBatle

      1 week away folks woooohooo

    75. leandrowlpm

      Among us

    76. Lefteris Sinodinos

      1 how much is gonna cost 2 do you need ps plus to play it??

      1. Diego Leon

        @It me Kæt it is only 30

      2. It me Kæt

        @Trent Sinning you're joking that it's only 30 bucks

      3. Lefteris Sinodinos

        @Trent Sinning ok thanks man

      4. Trent Sinning

        1. $29.99 2. Yes you will need PS plus to play it. Any multiplayer game that is not free to play requires ps plus

    77. Franco Play

      se ve super bien lo voy a comprar se parece mucho a Assassin Creed

    78. Azikura

      Dont like the way they run, move too fast to run so slow. Other animations look janky kinda low quality too, especially assassinations. Just seems to need more polish but the oremise is decent.

      1. Kopzukusaft

        That's why it costs only 30 bucks. A small studio but i think they will polish it trough the following month's

    79. Hex

      I want a Hoodwinked game for PS5 instead.

    80. burgercat

      Yeah this will be extremely annoying to play with how stun lock works. No thanks

      1. JV

        @burgercat well yea that was the ranger a character that’s about range, he’s obviously gonna be weaker in melee. Plus theirs a block parry system that was shown off so it’s the ranger fault for not parrying

      2. gamingman21

        @burgercat hmmm maybe it will be paper rock scissors type. Hunter is worse in mele than assasin. Fighter is the best etc etc.

      3. burgercat

        @gamingman21 stun lock will be the meta

      4. burgercat

        @gamingman21 6:50

      5. gamingman21


    81. ジンロウJinrou

      A certified hood classic

      1. y_ma gaming

        Yo son. Took the words out my mouth

      2. Clone


      3. Green Cunt

        I already knew this joke was coming

      4. King


    82. FLProducer

      Hate the way gates and objectives light up taking away the realism the game could have :)

      1. FLProducer

        @Ryan Waasdorp Yea but for the theme its going for you want some form of realism. I get what you're saying but its still imo a lazy thing to do.

      2. Ryan Waasdorp

        @FLProducer ok bud, but a game still doesn't have to be realistic.

      3. FLProducer

        @GettysburgBatle Iv'e not played cod since Cod 4 :) I only played mw 2 online, actually i think mw 2 was the only cod i played after 4. So i wouldn't know how the later games work haha

      4. GettysburgBatle

        Tell that to shooters oh what cod is helped by the USA military with advice and training and a lot of things in the game are not true yet and faked lol 😂 So if anything cod should be labeled as a make belief scenario

      5. The Alright Guy

        @FLProducer Ok, kid.

    83. zeroflame33

      Man, no matter how fun the gameplay turns out to be, this game looks terrible visually. Outdated graphics, awful UI, bad animations, it feels like the game has no creative soul.

    84. Was2D

      Idk if it's just me but the animations are a little off.

      1. Was2D

        @Serendide yeah, fair enough

      2. Serendide

        ye animations are rough but what do you expect form an AA studio

      3. Solaire

        Yup, I noticed it too. But the gameplay looks interesting enough.

      4. dicemoney2

        Yea but still executed well in a weird way lol

    85. hervey YT

      i pre order ps5 and still not giving to me its almost 5 months

      1. helpless soul

        @PIayStation sure, impersonating a company, makes you so trustworthy

      2. Dominik Budzyński

        @PIayStation xdddd

      3. PIayStation

        𝚆𝚑𝚊𝚝𝚜𝙰𝚙𝚙 @ +𝟷𝟽𝟾𝟼𝟺𝟹𝟸𝟷𝟽𝟽𝟼

      4. PIayStation

        If you want to get your ps5 at affordable prices allow me to recommend you to where you can get one

      5. GettysburgBatle

        Yeah right...😂

    86. Dev Majhi


    87. greensadge


    88. EdİTXdXd,

      hi ım türkish boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    89. Kret YT

      always nice PS

    90. Sam Fisher


    91. Terminator Gaming

      My PS4 Fat is Overheating what is solution

      1. JJ2SAD ø

        I'm 150% sure you will need to replace your thermal paste. Pretty easy ( you will have to take the console apart) Fallowing a video on how to change the thermal paste on the PS4 will guide you.

      2. FLProducer

        DON'T BUY EXTRA FANS COS THAT ACTUALLY MAKES IT WORSE youtube it. Best just opening it up and blowing away the dust with a small usb hoover.

      3. burgercat

        Yeah you gotta clean it

      4. Sir. Neefa

        Throw it away and get PS5 😁

      5. Daemon Danko

        cleaning it might fix

    92. Galaxia Stardust

      hey cutie

    93. Galaxia Stardust

      who asked