Layers of Fear - Live Action Trailer | PS VR


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    Delve deep into the mind of an insane painter and discover the secret of his madness. Uncover the visions, fears and horrors that entwine the painter and finish the masterpiece he has strived so long to create.
    Rated Mature: Blood

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    1. Cyber Gamer

      We need playstation restock in Indian, please

    2. MarSH

      we all know that these hardware are so outdated!😄

    3. Chad Tyronous Rex

      Layers Of LSD

    4. ZAP!

      Just imagine someone touching you in real life while you play

    5. La chica de la PlayStation

      Es un gran juego, lastima que no tenga el VR 😔.

    6. DV God

      Лайк 👍🔥

    7. Yafan

      Days Gone 2.

    8. themightylebeau

      Always thought this should of been a VR game

    9. Thom Serenity

      I have watch people playing it and it don't look scary and looks more boring than anything.

    10. Oğuzcan Dilek

      Amazing game. It has the feel of oldschool horror games.

    11. Lac

      Looks scary, i want it

    12. Daniele Ceccarelli

      time to replay this masterpiece

    13. Ya3guobi-YT

      Incredible game!

    14. Jason Calvert

      Yeah... when I played this game I was glad it wasn’t in VR. Really enjoyed it, but VR may have been too much.

    15. MustafaPS5

      gonna give it a go

    16. Adrian Winchester

      And now sony, how can I but the controller from 2009 without spending 100€+ more on ebay?

    17. ProGi

      you want to kill us?

    18. AIBfreelance

      uuuuuuuuuuuuufffffffffffffffffff ESTO SE VE INCREIBLE, AMO LOS JUEGOS DE MIEDO.

    19. Spenerico


    20. Deadjoker92

      Yes! Thank you. I absolutely love layers of fear 1! Layers 2 was a huge disappointment in my opinion.

    21. Linou Gertz

      This was scary enough without the VR aspect, don't think my heart can take this.

      1. mel b

        but i agree that vr might actually finally make u feel some scare

      2. mel b

        huh i thought it wasn't scary at all just psychological type of horror

    22. chunkymilk

      junji ito.

    23. Youtube Censorship

      So you need the motion controls?

    24. Michael Parker

      Love to see vr outlast

    25. Angry Nigga

      What’s her @

    26. Jason Cuellar

      Question is it a new game or is it a free update

    27. Its Dawn

      This game is so weird and twisted that playing it makes you lose braincells

    28. Takahashi WS

      Me gusto ese juego, layers of fear 2, no le aguanta lamentablemente, era demasiado pesado

    29. RETRO ADAM

      Here we go, this will be amazing in VR

    30. Vaggsy


    31. Maicoll Charris


    32. Andrew Pingwin

      looks like some fan made demo project for ps3...

    33. InSayNayTay1000-2000 ISNT-Strang

      The music box part will surely be beautiful...

    34. Shery T

      This one will surely pound several heartattacks around the neighbourhood.

    35. Slyhound

      Need more horror games for vr

    36. Sriram R

      The thing is Virtual reality gaming is the next shift in gaming industry and Sony is already investing a lot on it and PSVR was such a new and great concept Can't wait for PSVR 2 and it's games

    37. eduardo ferreira

      Que asco

    38. Jimmy's

      Horror VR games are looking way better everytime D:

    39. Alejandro Lopez

      I always wondering why this game was never on VR but not it is

    40. MrNeto

      Um demônio acaba de passar atrás de mim, oque farei? Vou jogar jogo de demônio :)

      1. Herbert Santos


    41. gfrendanbo

      Lol the graphics

      1. Youtube Censorship

        I heard you need muneh!!

    42. Issam El hadoui

      Not scary at all

    43. Nikhil Stephen

      Yall think vr is worth it for ps4/5?

      1. Spooky Chords

        @zaltmanbleroze I hope so 🙁

      2. zaltmanbleroze

        @Spooky Chords will the psvr2 be backwards compatible to psvr?


        @Spooky Chords thx was just about to order one thx i wait

      4. Spooky Chords

        I enjoy my VR headset a lot. I bought it for ps4 and i still use it on my ps5. However, if you haven't bought a vr yet I would advise you to wait for the PSVR2. That is gonna be revolutionary cause the controller will also have adaptive triggers. That, combined with the headpiece, will immerse players greatly imo

    44. Let's Talk About

      Maybe the game will actually be scary this time.

      1. Ocnarf

        @Let's Talk About I was always scared that I would have to run away from something

      2. M VB33K

        @Let's Talk About oh LOL by That time I was like a lot younger then now, maybe thats just why I think its still scary

      3. Let's Talk About

        @M VB33K yeah the backstory was cool but the hype around also didn't help. Like everyone was calling it terrifying and the scariest thing ever. So when playing I was expecting a lot ig.

      4. M VB33K

        @Let's Talk About with the Backstory in mind I thought was really scary. But hé as a horror fan, what can I say about that?

      5. Let's Talk About

        @M VB33K I'm playing it for sure but as a fan of horror the original game was only meh. Its not bad by any means but to me just wasn't scary ya know.

    45. Byron Saavedra

      Gusto culposo: en VR si da miedo jugar, pero aún así te las aguantas y decides usar las gafas y entras a esos mundos angustiosos. Y al terminar la partida solo suspiras de alivio de que haya terminado.

      1. gfrendanbo


    46. Faiz Patel

      So basically the game ends up in real life once you've done playing??



    47. Shaun

      I would love this! But I got motion sickness just thinking about it.

    48. twice parzival

      In a few second i tought she is aunt may from MCU

      1. Daniel Dunham

        Yes, I see that.

      2. Eth4nEV [LATAM]

        Marisa Tomei? Really?

    49. The Swiss Guy



      *Motion sickness intensified*

    51. shutter

      how about noooooo.

    52. ed rage

      She looks great also the game.

      1. The Swiss Guy

        Game looks insane.

    53. Putera Ilham

      There goes reality.

    54. Farzin

      I hope all ps vr games support the new headset

    55. Burhan Altuntas

      Psvr 💩

    56. Aquarius Ambassador

      I can watch her play all day.

    57. John Nada

      I don´t really see many women playing this game in VR but ok Playstation... .

      1. Top Notch Cup of Tea

        Sony has got to give us something nice to look at in a horror game trailer

      2. -пурант-


    58. IBTASSAM


    59. Jack RipperRoo

      PlayStation move is so expensive right now

    60. KumaiFriends


      1. SameeArt


    61. Xiden

      Welp I’m bout to have a heart attack

    62. Nikola Tesla

      Easy money

      1. Nikola Tesla

        @Keith Cousins fact don't care about your feeling

      2. Keith Cousins

        Shut up, Eddie Furlong in Terminator 2.

    63. spiax

      Please release a physical

    64. Nikola Tesla