Rainbow Six Siege - New on the Six: Jackal Elite Set | PS4


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    Jackal's Elite Set is now available. Includes the Rastreador uniform, headgear, victory dance, weapon skin for the C7E, PDW9, ITA 12L, USP40 and ITA12S, as well as the Elite Jackal Chibi charm.

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    1. Sweaty Pickles

      so wait does this mean I get to use him in ranked or will he still be banned...

    2. Jose

      Jackal Elite Set: *A Sweater*

    3. The CraZiest

      fa caà

    4. Cyber Gamer

      We need playstation restock in Indian, please

    5. skulltrain

      Why would you buy this... he is ban 100% of the times

    6. Ego Dragonking

      I like this elite skin but Jackal is every banned in R6.

    7. Gecko Boi

      Can wait to play him in ranked!

    8. BornSlyAsAFox

      This has to be the laziest elite skin.

    9. Joshua Reeder

      Most banned elite!

    10. Swastick Chakraborty

      Vigil should get an elite

    11. Aygo

      Why its only For PS4? Where is PS5?

    12. Teleios

      That awkward moment when you buy a nice outfit to go out with boys but they all the sudden cancel on you. Only to find out later they had a whole 5v5 without you and banned you.... yeah that’s the official banned elite set!

    13. we want days gone 2

      We want days gone 2 please sony hear us we fans days gone we want days gone 2 and give a chance to bend studio to make days gone 2🙏❤

    14. Major Tom

      he looks like a boring dad with Midlife crisis that bring his kid to play laser tag

    15. technical difficulties

      Castle and Monty crying in the corner

    16. Jose Tan


    17. Emanuel

      Why does Ubisoft makes the Spanish and the Italian character looking like a child of an African parent and an European one? I get it, the two countries are close to North Africa....but Spaniards and Italians can look really really white, especially in the North....

      1. Sickles197

        they will add more later 😂

    18. Steven Katerborg

      Looks boring And he will always be banned in rank mod e

    19. Frostveins

      Why don’t the just issue jeans and a hoodie to all elite special forces?

    20. Eli Cain

      Jackels elite = GSG9 regular outfit.

      1. Sickles197

        True 😂

    21. Jacob Anderson

      LOL only quick play players will get this

    22. A2T4R

      Could’ve made him look more like a navy seal or something.

    23. tnductai

      "Ban Jackal! Jackal!"

    24. EdsFlowRider

      Give us Monty and castle. Seriously I’m just annoyed at this point

    25. I’m probably tired

      Make a sequel already for crying out loud

    26. Ceus Ex

      Jeans and a hoodie great work.

    27. Stolen Password

      This game is for children

    28. Fatboylogan

      What a boring skin

    29. Fryewalker

      They really start to struggle with ideas for the elites...

      1. Major Tom

        they struggle with put everything back together

    30. Yafan

      Days Gone 2.

    31. Turk 10

      We want days gone 2

    32. T47R Un4tunate.

      You wanna kill your game, don't you? 😒

    33. bin besser ihr noobs


    34. It'z Blackace

      When will castle get an elite skin?

    35. Corni S.

      Where Finka elite?

    36. T H A N O S

      Can't wait for them to bring back the real rainbow six

    37. Cozy Weather

      Oh cool, Splinter Cell in Siege

      1. John Moves

        I mean sam fisher in the...you know what nvm

    38. Nightlight !

      It’s kinda lame.

    39. Michaelfad

      Most of the elite sets are just casualwear

    40. pinny0101

      Wow that's ugly

    41. Bryxnt

      This is such a boring elite sad ngl

    42. Denis Varga

      This look so lame to be fair....

    43. Funky Town Monkey Pimps

      Too bad nobody will ever see it, as banned as he is he might as well not even be in the game.

    44. MEGA

      You were almost late.

    45. Christian Trinidad Mata

      If ur seeing this in 2022 I wanted to say hello;)

    46. King_WZRD

      This is the elite set they came up with? How pathetic

    47. Kevin Medina

      From real life tactical shooter at E3 to anime

      1. Neon_ Horizon409

        Where's the anime at all bruh?

    48. Deek


    49. Brodie Messer

      This game needs a huge revamping of the graphics XD

    50. John Smith

      Looks like a stay at home dad that got dressed up to play nerf war with his kids.

      1. Archer Mathew

        @Odin Jamison Yup, I've been using flixzone for since november myself =)

      2. Odin Jamison

        pro tip : watch series at flixzone. Been using them for watching all kinds of movies these days.

    51. jorbandven


    52. LimeDog

      Still waiting on my man's montagne elite

      1. tripex

        @Mr_Lambooney all year 1 operators😬

      2. Mr_Lambooney

        All of the gign operators have one except for my boy Monty 😔

    53. spiax

      Very lackluster

    54. Mr. Kasshu

      As a Jackal main since release finally.

    55. Xburgerpanzer

      Cant see the elite skin!

    56. Basement_gnome


    57. It’s Me, Hikeem!

      When is Castle gonna get an elite set DAMMIT

      1. It’s Me, Hikeem!

        Tell me about it 😡

      2. northshoredr

        Closest thing right now is in the Battle Pass.

      3. My name is Legion, for we are many

        Or a rework...

    58. Chris S



      cool cool

    60. crime

      trailer looks like a mobile game

    61. qwik_skop

      Poor people who buy this can never use him smh

    62. fro-yo -momma

      Jacket banned

    63. Jaden Thane

      Sam fisher looking headass

    64. Vitão

      Achei mais ou menos

    65. CompanyInc

      So ummm...wheres the skin?

    66. Darth Hasifius

      Community : Fix sound and hitreg R6 : Here's some more elite skins

    67. Perfect Plays

      You didn’t show the elite skin…

    68. Vlad

      Most boring skin ever.

    69. MrSwitchblade327

      Pathetic Ubisoft at it again

    70. Grey

      Tf is this elite skin ?

    71. Jorge Rafael Moreno Romero

      Pero el pri robo mas

    72. Chiaro


    73. Guraflat

      Where's my monty elite?

    74. Alamin Mim

      Awesome looking set

    75. Phoenix14

      Honestly i kinda love the simplicity of it.

    76. Terminal Sarcasm

      Aw sweet, the most banned Attacker gets an elite skin.

    77. CamoFlash7

      *Hello there!*

    78. funplayer1000

      After 1,655 hours of play time on this game, I finally decided to stop playing it and delete it. Best decision ever made.

      1. Tard Wrangler

        stopped at 400 hours

      2. Mike Oyewole

        @Blue Replayz game was in its prime 2016-18. unfortunately game went down after operation health.

      3. John Moves

        2000 hours and Ill keep going, yes im part of the sweat problem

      4. DoctorSilva

        I took hiatus from this game but this season I might not come back for a LONG time. Its a freaking joke this season, the worst season in this games history.

      5. Retro Entertainment

        I just have fun playing with friends mostly because I shoot them

    79. RubberDuckyOne

      pretty bad elite skin tbh

    80. Apparo

      Skins for a fps game...so dumb

    81. Ninten Bro

      man they are doing dirty to monty and castle.

    82. Enclosure1440p

      So much better with this skin. A legit 360 this one.

    83. First name Last name

      Kinda sounds like the splinter cell conviction and blacklist theme song mixed with the r6 theme

    84. Jose

      For a sec I thought he was a cyberpunk version of Sam Fisher.

    85. Hermysko

      Did he forget his elite set at home???

    86. Kirbyz


    87. ivor wwe

      They finally added bad bunny into the game

      1. Vicente Jeria


      2. Daniel Bailey

        Underrated comment.

    88. Suppressing Light

      Jackal more like trackal

      1. cruzty-toezung


    89. meerkat jmc [GIJoeMeerkat]

      Cool op hope he isn’t banned every game

      1. AloyVera

        Only noobs ban jackal

      2. Yuvraj Singh

        I am ur 100th like🙂

      3. 30,000 Feet High

        @Mariano Palmero yeah same. I mean I’m generally initiate that ban too

      4. Enclosure1440p

        @Mariano Palmero thatcher is always banned on my games. It's so sad ;/

      5. Mariano Palmero

        Thatcher and ace are usually the ones who get banned in my lobbies

    90. BeanieFunnyGamer

      Too bad we can never use him in ranked

    91. 1017

      This much effort goes into a skin advertisement? Fml

    92. M Rizzo

      The most banned Attacker operator gets an elite skin.and it doesn’t even look nice lol

      1. Voland -

        yeah, thats sad that they dont have additional opton for hi-res texture

      2. Sickles197

        Complete meh. Casual friday Jackal😂

      3. My name is Legion, for we are many

        Seen worst

      4. Owen Gratzer

        Yeha the skin looks terrible

    93. FARA GAMER

      🌼اَلَهُمَ صَلِ عَلَیْ مُحَمَّدٍ وَعَلَیْ اَلٌِ مُحَمَدٍ 🌼 سەڵاوات بنێرن بۆ پێشەوا و سەروەرمان (محمد) دروودی خودای لەسەربێت

      1. Kauã_Silveira

        Que poha é essa?

    94. Kay Tee

      That has to be the lamest Elite set out there. 😂

      1. Saannidhya Sharma


    95. Ramasatu

      Pffff 🤢🤮🤮🤮

    96. F30 Dane

      Cool. *bans jackal*

    97. Rick 2.00

      Elite pra Nokk não chega né

    98. Xx DTheOG xX

      Kinda wack

    99. David Cisneros


    100. Ramón Roque González