Star Wars Pinball VR - Launch Trailer | PS VR


29 миӊ. көрүүлөр24

    Star Wars™ Pinball VR is now available to play on the PlayStation VR. Jump into a galaxy far, far away once again, and immerse yourself in virtual reality pinball!
    Play on 8 Star Wars™ Pinball tables - including 2 brand new ones, exclusive to the VR version, The Mandalorian and Classic Collectibles. Enjoy features like your very own customizable ‘Fan Cave’, Total Immersion Mode, Career Mode, and more.
    The only thing you need to do now is donning your VR headset, press play, and start getting those jackpots!

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    1. Sam Sguanch

      meh. It's cool. But it's going to take a lot more than just Star Wars to make me spend all that money. Maybe if you had 100 different authentic pinball machines that were playable, then it'd be sick. But you probably have like 3.

    2. Andrew Pingwin

      so playstation vr means the graphics is at n64 level?

    3. Cyber Gamer

      We need playstation restock in Indian, please

    4. Cyberbrickmaster1986

      I've been holding off from buying PSVR games just in case the new VR headset for PS5 is incompatible with older titles.

    5. La Playade

      This is exactly the 200th video game based on Star Wars, and nobody said anything about it? :) Congrats!

    6. Pak the gamer

      Awesome but could we get new pinballs for the original pinball fx3 game?

    7. Naminski

      Star Wars Pinball VR for PlayStation VR is gonna be super awesome. Thanks, 20th Century-Fox and Lucasfilm Ltd.

    8. Emily Allstot

      earlier today i saw a live stream of ace's adventures at a pinball museum, this is so cool

    9. Carlo Sparacio

      Who remembers the old days when you played pinball IRL in an actual IRL arcade? 🤣

      1. ricardo .compere

        Remember arcades the joy of just looking at that small demo of the game and rolling a quarter into it till it made that memorable *thunk* sadly though they possibly will be relics and replace with online available versions

    10. Gaming With Cov

      You’ve really inspired me to start my own gaming channel.,!

    11. Sarcastic Artist


    12. GaggleTheGameScat

      Day 1 buy. 👍

    13. Hunk of Spunk

      imagine the realisation players would get when they catch wind that pinball tables are real and cost only 25 cents :O

    14. Ben Lindsay

      Nothing says pinball like Darth Vader trying to murder you in your living room.

    15. Nicholas Lopez

      Simple but creative I like it

    16. Jack Cutter

      Gonna wait to see what the lightsaber minigame is like. I hope it's not like vader immortal where the attacks are telegraphed for 5 whole seconds giving you all the time in the world to block.

    17. John Smith

      I was gonna make a joke, but that low key looks sick.

    18. Blackbohnster

      Pinball in VR is really fun. Its like having your own Pinball maschine at home. Its really cool.

    19. Gabriele Topo

      Io amo Star Wars 😍😍😍 🤠🤠🤠

    20. Yafan

      Days Gone 2.

    21. Thats Ruff Dog

      Wait. So was anything at the oculus show exclusive at all?

    22. Splotched

      Of all the possibilities with VR... pinball

    23. Venom Gaming

      Ah yes the real child slaughter simulator

    24. Sarcasm

      Heh, thought it would release on May 4th, for obvious reasons

    25. 9000 XYZ

      Pero que pendejada es esta cosa

    26. andrew moon

      can we get vr games on proper vr platforms please,

    27. Alcatraz 104

      Yes a new star wars ga-

    28. RON B

      This looks so awesome its almost worth me puking all over the place with VR making me dizzy and sick.

    29. Abdullah Bazil

      Not something we wanted, and also not something we needed

      1. Jack Cutter

        Okay Abdull Jabar Muhammad ackbar allad Assad usan of the jihadist tribe

    30. Michael

      Who else miss star wars:(

      1. Seth-Nico

        There’s a new show coming out on Tuesday my dude...

    31. GlaciusDreams

      Wooooo looks nice! Psvr2 support for RE:Village?

    32. Renato Luis

      Ah yes, the best type of game, pinball games

    33. ProGi

      O game my dreems(no)

    34. J -

      Haha thought it was full tilt pinball remastered 😂😂😂

    35. Paulo Dos Santos

      Next step toward the Ready Player One Experience.

    36. Wolf Wolf

      These pinball games actually look amazing in the PSVR. I've had the previous tables. I was hoping for some of the Marvel ones, but this is cool too.

    37. Alexander Karp

      I don't have VR but this looks cool!

    38. Chris

      Just the game we need... 🙄😑

    39. miko

      Hopefully one day VR will alow me to be a pinball.

    40. The Batosai

      A VR pin ball game?? This is lame

    41. Rob B

      The true Star Wars experience

    42. Tokyo Tokyo

      We need a Star Wars fighting game with lightsaber :😭💕

      1. César Sánchez

        We already have jedi challenges

      2. TNT VR

        @Other Prisma its star WARS but whatever

      3. Other Prisma

        @TNT VR It is technically not a fighting game.

      4. TNT VR

        @Other Prisma yeah u fight droids

      5. Other Prisma

        @TNT VR thats not a fighting game though.

    43. RSGdiablo

      вы че прикалывайтесь это же говно приложение!(((

    44. Crashnite

      who else is just waiting for tonight State of Play?

      1. Crashnite

        @Rob B i just want Ratchet gameplay

      2. Alexander Karp

        Nope, I'll be to busy play R E T U R N A L !

      3. TicTac_42

        Hoping Security Breach is in it

      4. Rob B

        You’re gonna be disappointed if you’re expecting huge things

      5. Marlbartony

        Read its description

    45. Theheroneeded Willette

      That fan room alone is going to be a pretty big draw in for people.

      1. Dakota Jad

        @Connor Benton yup, been watching on Flixzone for since december myself =)

      2. Connor Benton

        a tip: you can watch movies on Flixzone. Been using them for watching a lot of movies recently.

    46. eggs7565

      mobile game ver smh I wanted like clone wars vr

    47. Other Prisma

      Uh that's funny, I don't see any Sequel Trilogy representation here and there's Gina Carano's character there.

      1. JokiSTM


      2. JokiSTM


    48. Da Imposta 01

      it may be pinball but the games is cool!!! Hope something like this comes to play normally and not vr

    49. Ben Bruns

      May the pinball force be with you

    50. Duke Abbaddon


    51. obijuan

      Mando game when?

    52. Mac Welch

      We need a Star Wars fighting game like Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels

      1. Naminski

        @Alexander Karp You mean Star Wars: Masters of Teräs Käsi.

      2. Alexander Karp

        Made by Netherrealm studios, makers of the Mortal Kombat franchise! I'm in.

    53. kotzakarou

      So early brooooo

    54. gabriel fabion

      Mobile game?

    55. UntitledGamer


    56. Mahinthan Naveethan


    57. Jdagreat-playz

      Yo early

    58. Auto Hunter

      Congrats to anybody who is early and who finds this comment useful 🤝✍️💯h

      1. Marco Teles

        I m part of those persons. Thanks a lot

      2. Jdagreat-playz