Hot Wheels Unleashed - Skyscraper Unveil | PS5, PS4


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    Are you ready to face the gravity, racing on crazy tracks built on a vertical map? This is the Skyscraper, guys! Take a look at the new Hot Wheels Unleashed™ environment ;-)

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    1. Greg Brewer

      Weirdly excited for this, the driving seems solid. We need some power ups or something to busy up the track though, pretty bland visually

    2. Navneeth

      "Reality is what I want it to be" - some kid somewhere

    3. Slacker 240

      I hope they add weapons like this did in Beat That

    4. Chris C.

      F-Zero Hot Wheels edition

    5. ucok

      they should bring back cars from hot wheels: beat that

    6. wael al hajj

      if this game has splitscreen, im def going to buy it

    7. Detonate Dynamite

      Please add acceleracers, cars, realms, drones, silencers even the acceledrome

    8. Rafael Maciel Rodrigues

      Please tell me this game will have a track editor

    9. rando burr

      I want a acceleracers DLC

    10. Jploui93 J

      A bit disappointed there a wasn't a "Hot Wheels, Beat that" somewhere in this trailer

    11. Joe Jo

      Always wished rocket league released this exact mode

    12. Know Haiku

      This reminded me of Speed Racer I think the movie was called that was kinda like Tron

    13. Xenopeltis

      make the flame blue with turbo engine like, and it would look better I think

    14. Animal

      Pls stop spamming matt and I didn't really fight pls stop being annoying and andrew I fought when I was 8 or 9 and he called his whole family when he couldn't take it no more

      1. Animal

        Matt is lame he didn't even want to look at me when I grew up

    15. LaToya Banks

      I had a hot wheels game on ps2 but I hated it because I couldn’t figure out how to unlock everything. There was also a mode that was top down where there were some random objectives, my dad did all those modes. This doesn’t look bad

    16. All High Only

      Already a dlc??

    17. Daboi491

      oh finally, a non kids racing game for the PS5! This (and Gran Turismo Sport) will be great to hold me over until GT7 comes out!

    18. 2credoS

      some how this gameplay reminds me about NFS Underground 2 opening

    19. LordConnord

      Finally bring back *Split Screen*

    20. Ty


    21. Ben Dover

      Reminds me of a Hot Wheels game I loved on PC when I was a kid on Windows 98

    22. Rogerisback

      Micro Machines please ;)

    23. Nixon

      Nice. And this year yes. Hopefully the cars look way better when the game is released 😁

    24. MARKZYKY123

      Nmms ;-;

    25. VisualTaggy

      1:50 I'm gonna do what they call a pro gamer move.

    26. David Edmondson

      Still waiting for that accelleracers game...

    27. Elia : Project Lazarus

      Didn't expect ROBLOX Hot Wheels: New World was inspire by this.

    28. syed sufiyan

      If anyone asks i am buying it for the kids😅😅

    29. Cαρρy Я

      Hot Wheels Beat That 2!

    30. Unknown Gladiatior

      This game would’ve been 10x better if it was just “Hotwheels Accelerators” from the vhs tapes🤦🏽‍♂️, big miss in my opinion

    31. Guillaume Briand

      It needs more special FX. Jumping though circle of fire and stuff.

    32. Robert Karlsson

      Is this coming to ps5?

    33. Enkei

      I'm gonna take a shot if someone makes a comment about the cliffside realm

    34. average wild rift player

      Did hotwheels make bikes... Then it would be awesome for a dlc

    35. Cyber Gamer

      We need playstation restock in Indian, please

    36. A Wysteria Gaming Channel

      Preordered the steelbook already for ps5 and Switch :D

    37. RidingATractor

      I want to buy the game but their design choice for the turbo is an odd design for me. Nevertheless I'll be buying it

    38. Cha0z Official

      It's mario kart mixed with Re-volt. I like it

    39. Nándi Halm

      Me: Mom, can i have Rocket League? Mom: No, we have Rocket League at home. Rocket League at home: 1:50

    40. Turadiel

      This looks really boring.

    41. justachannel

      Every review of this game is going to have "suprisly competent" somewhere in it

    42. LongLiveSkinny 23

      Definitely needs a cyber truck dlc

    43. Shortcut 101

      There is no explosive or shooting like *beat that* ?? Sorry, horizon 3 track dlc looks better.

    44. Patrick

      Me realising that I actually have all of these cars in my hotwheels collection that I used collect when I was a kid.

    45. Eli Morales


    46. Nicolas Fagundes

      Ok, but we going to get acceleracers car pack or somethin?

    47. Adan H.

      Please make a new game of hot wheels acceleracers

    48. Lupasan

      Would be nice if literal flames shoot off the tires rather then Nitro....Just a thought

    49. LegitAppleDude :D

      will this game have real life cars? They already make irl car hotwheels.

    50. Mixtape Legend

      Will we be able to play online with our friends? Is it even an online game to a degree?

    51. Javier

      No Stunts ??

    52. Mario ignacio Navarrete gonzalez

      Ps3 😭

    53. ZOTIC

      This looks so promising.. I just hope they bring back the old castings we used to play on PS2 in Velocity X, World Race, Stunt Track Challenge, and even Beat That!

    54. Phil Everitt

      Anyone else get Hot Air Skyway vibes and then just wanted this to be an awesome Hot Wheels cart game?

    55. M. Raihan Ammar Fachrezi 20 / R.A.F GAMER

      Haha finally the truck is join the race

    56. Orange Freak

      ....A DREAM COMES TRUE.....

    57. Cristian Cleary

      I can see that truck boost sound getting real annoying.

    58. SETJA

      Mapdesigne is kinda boring

    59. Matias Garis

      AcceleRacers fans👇

    60. Lumpy Gash

      Pretty cool but i want to see more creative fun roads, idk like their car wash machine, the shark game etc

    61. Armando Carrion

      This game needs power ups, traps and etc.

    62. Ronin Robo

      1:50 Woody: You are a toy. You can't fly!! Dinocar:

    63. Ray Zapata

      Will it have tricks like the ps2 version ??

    64. D A

      I hope cars of the blingers series will drive differently to normal wheel sizes

    65. Андрей Сидоров

      Advice to add all real Japan and another cars in yours skins from main line, also from another series Boulevard cruise etc.

    66. Krypto_Vibes

      Mario kart at home

    67. Saurabh S

      to get better options buy GTA online instead

    68. PikABosS97 【ピカセンパイ】

      Que tenga la pista y el carro de nascar que miticas de Ps1

    69. JMO OPS

      Looks fun

    70. I dislike eating chicken

      Hot beans

    71. Fabien Charles

      Yeah, that drifting smoke needs some work, but it's looking great so far

    72. Martín Enemigo

      Can the devs do a Micro Machines game next please and thank you? :)

    73. Hiron

      They should do toy car's song when hit the ground!

    74. MrLobanoff

      Какашка какая то, а не игра

    75. Kenned

      after 20 seconds and the music is already annoying...

    76. CeeJay

      Hyped 🔥

    77. Manuel Zamorano

      Every video makes the game look better.

    78. Juji-Gatame

      I'm worried it will get boring fast 😔

    79. Der_Cem _

      Can we get a Mode where we can use items like MarioKart ? Just Racing could be a little boring after time 🤔 And i Hope we can Customize the HotWheels so every Car you see Online will be unique

    80. Nel T

      Im always down for more arcade racers, there used to be a ton of them back in the day but not as many today : P

    81. dominator7002

      Mid-air boost steering and what looks like weight, or weight inventive shortcutting. ...and this is pre-alpha. Well I'm preordering.

    82. Sophyxia Elien

      Hot Wheels Beat That + Forza Horizon 3 DLC = 😍

    83. D-BandZ

      Wouldve brought if there was sort of power ups

    84. x Flame x

      Just saying if u make this 70-60 dollars it's gonna fail dont get greedy

    85. Glaive KING

      Can we please get 4 player split screen coop?

    86. krocialblack

      Hope the sense of speed improves. Besides that solid.

    87. uday Singh

      This literally is a childhood dream

    88. Kevin Dueck

      Bring back ModNation Racers!!!!

    89. matt manley

      This looks amazing

    90. Peki Gaming

      We also need some of the old cars like krazy 8s

    91. Bivv93

      Wow, now we can also play videogames of our childhood fantasies in car racing

    92. PCTZombie

      1:50 Be Like Car : *Shortcut* The Map : ▶️◀️🔼🔽🔽🔼

    93. Guts

      *This game has incredible potential if they put the rare and old cars, from the oldest collections.*

    94. Dark Knight

      OK but nothing can beat hot wheels beat that edition. I miss all the weapons 🥺

    95. Zodiac

      Remaster Hot Wheels: Stunt Track Challenge.

    96. BIG-PUPSIK продакшн

      скучновато будет ...

    97. trisaptiyo kadjatmiko

      Is this game is gonne be release on pc?

    98. Gannon Killeen


    99. Ilham Alam

      Motosaurus making a crossover!!🤩🤩🤩🏎🏎🦕🦖1:50

    100. Ilham Alam

      That looks so high! 🤩🤩🤩🚥🏎⚡️🏁🎢