Angels with Scaly Wings - Launch Trailer | PS5, PS4


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    Angels with Scaly Wings is a unique visual novel set in a world populated by dragons.
    After the discovery of a mysterious portal, you are selected as one of the few humans to travel to the world of dragons.
    Available now!

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    1. steelfoot98

      How is a furry VN that looks like it was drawn in ms paint getting so much advertising? This is like the third trailer I’ve come across.

    2. Turtle Rhythm

      Oh no, another dating sim

    3. Rin Reborn


    4. TheAbsol

      I'm having a lot of fun with this visual novel. It's very exciting and fun, and I strongly recommend it. Even if you aren't a furry, there's a lot to enjoy here.

      1. Arcto Rockturne

        Completely agree

    5. Ammon Merrill

      Well, I for one really like how this game looks! I love dragons as mythical creatures, and I think we could use more games that portray them in a more humanistic light. I’ll be buying this one for sure! Whether or not some of you think it’s just a “furry game”, I don’t care. I think this looks very original and solid. And besides, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with dragons being a little attractive. (Spyro: Reignited Trilogy anyone?) 😁 Fine by me, so long as the game actually has at least some enjoyable aspects to it.

    6. Gianni Hill

      Ah yes Quantum Entanglement

    7. Vaporeon 420

      wow ur weird game is going to be released on Playstation. Congrats my furry friend.

    8. vinstual


    9. Cyber Gamer

      We need playstation restock in Indian, please

    10. TheBlackPan

      This looks like a Newgrounds game no one played

    11. Cpt Heartless

      Why are furries getting a game? What is this cancer?!?

      1. 芒果

        this has been out since 2017 what are you on about are you ok? actually concerned for you lol

    12. Agent 47

      What is that🤡

    13. Nut Ringos

      This reminds me of that one horrible game about the black tiger that somehow ended up on ps4

    14. Moon Door

      I'm not gonna lie, it looks pretty bad

    15. Sauron, The Dark Lord of Mordor

      Deviantart 34. It would be a better title

    16. ndv diaz

      Huh I didn't expect they do a port to other Consoles. Curious stuff

    17. NekoWinters

      Furries > Scalies

      1. TheAbsol

        I love both pretty equally.

    18. EdigsFox

      Should have put The Crown of Leaves on ps instead of this

    19. Mariko Uchiwa

      Not a fans of dragon and such but I sure do love visual novel and murder mystery! Very probably gonna give a try :)

      1. TheAbsol

        The premise hooked me in pretty much immediately.

    20. Wallace RG9udCBldmVuIHRoaW5rIGFib3V0IGl0

      Funny thing is most people that see this haven't even played the game and are probably just turned off by the concept, resulting in the large number of dislikes. I mean that's fine, you can do whatever you like but I find it a particularly shallow way of judging a game given the fact that it has overwhelmingly positive on steam and over a thousand reviews which means its at least doing something right

    21. Cinema Trigger

      I was scared to publish my game, but after seeing this trailer I think I got a better chance than this.

    22. DMCFreak

      Cultivate Friendships (Or more)...

    23. Prince Groove

      So where’s Barney?

    24. Typhon

      Ahh now the furries have something to play

    25. T4L


    26. BartjeYeYo Gaming

      Get this trash of playstation

    27. Omer Cora

      Dragon Furries monkaOMEGA

    28. Duckusernames321

      rofl mao what the fvck Sony?!

    29. Mathilda Nazario

      I love dragons game so cool I’m so glad this finally came out!

    30. SectionEight

      Why are these dragon characters in environments that were made specifically for humans?

      1. Grant

        @SectionEight Thank you for being willing to do so, this game is definitely a surprisingly quality one so enjoy

      2. SectionEight

        @Grant Interesting. I'll definitely try the game out then.

      3. Grant

        That actually gets answered in-game, along with most other questions you could think of

    31. yung jose

      Wow, this is really pushing next gen consoles to the next level

    32. Edin Arnold Lukavackic

      1x Eyebleach please, thanks

    33. Daedalus

      This better not awaken anything in me.


      No playstation all stars 2 but we get this on ps5

    35. XAlisterGamezX

      Oh geez that's a lot of dislikes

      1. Kyle Lee

        Agreed. A lot of dumbasses, who act before they even try.

    36. Pulkz


    37. Urban Meadows

      Thanks, Playstation. Very cool.

      1. TheAbsol

        Very cool, indeed. I bought it day one.

    38. OpArmy

      Dragon Audit now this? Guys I think Sony's trying to tell us something

    39. arial black

      that's why i bought ps5

    40. Splotched

      Ahh yes the game everyone buys a PS5 for.

    41. Justin Carpenter

      What’s up with the smt music

    42. Otaku_GameFan

      What is this? Some kind of Dating Sim?

    43. 芒果

      so many people are mad about a game they literally haven't even played lol it's both so funny and so sad

      1. RazzleTheRed

        Yeah get your popcorn out, it's pretty funny watching people trying to trash a game they know nothing about

    44. I B

      Graphics has no limits

    45. Aree Kakil


    46. Ayon Metar

      This looks terrible o_O

    47. Reb .l take

      This... This is laughably bad and I'm a furry

      1. 芒果

        @Reb .l take thanks i will

      2. Reb .l take

        @芒果 if you like this game them buy it. I won't

      3. 芒果

        @Reb .l take also yeah opinions exist but calling something terrible without even trying it literally just makes your opinion invalid, and that goes for, uh, you know, everything but I know you're just pretending to be this dense lol don't worry bro i got u, I'm just playing along with your act 🙏

      4. 芒果

        @Reb .l take i wonder how long it'll take you to realize that the problem isn't that you don't like the game, but rather you called it terrible without even trying it lol I'm betting on around a few months 😎

      5. Reb .l take

        @芒果 I'm not sure how I'm stupid for not liking a terrible dragon game but please do continue bombarding me with playground insults. Opinions exist for a reason you know

    48. ゆい714

      Yeyeyeyeyeee!! more dragons!!

    49. Dark Knight Sparda

      Stop it! Get some help!

    50. Yohanes Adriel

      Is this the next black tiger?

    51. GrayGecko

      why are we still here..

    52. - james

      Scalies. “Sexual Themes.” Oh no they’re coming...

    53. WC

      Behold the power of ps5 🤣 what a joke

    54. Jerricola

      Sony's making some confusing moves lately.

    55. sk8mysterion

      What the actual... 😂

    56. Rudy Hax


    57. Tavo Smith

      *Strong kin vibes, gives me the shivers*

      1. TheAbsol


    58. Outsider

      Less drugs

    59. Nubby Derg

      Isn't this the comic I came across on e621

    60. level five

      Knack 3 would have been better

    61. amirul marzuki

      so now flash player game come to ps5

    62. Niko Cottontail

      Not that kind of game I’d play,but I do know a few people who would like a visual novel game. So I’m glad there is something for them.

      1. Eulentrainer Dr. Zipfeltitt


    63. マーコ

      Gotta coom

    64. mr. badjokes

      So a game for furries I'm in

    65. Novus Nihilum

      I know the graphics don't scream quality, but the game is mad popular on Steam - it has a rating of 'Overwhelmingly Positive' with over a thousand reviews. EDIT: Apparently the sexual content is brief and censored. Lame. Back to e621.

      1. RazzleTheRed

        yeah it's quite popular on e6 too hehe

    66. Joe Mullen

      0:59 id

    67. Щ L Γ Я D Щ И

      The amount of like and dislike on this though... 👁️👁️

      1. Wallace RG9udCBldmVuIHRoaW5rIGFib3V0IGl0

        Some people worry a lot about that kind of thing, which is pretty shallow considering its steam rating

    68. Based God Zeno

      You won't last 5 minutes in this game!

      1. Ricky Walters

        Incorrect, that's not the type of game this is, unless your kink is (apparently) a murder mystery caused by ypur disappeared colleague.

    69. Martin Obregón

      Parece danganronpa 🤔

    70. LuxuryAerozona

      Seriously one of the best games I’ve played, definitely worth your time.

      1. Ricky Walters

        Agreed! The only reason I'm never 100%ing it is because i aint bouta sacrifice dragonkind 2-3 more times just for a lousy badge saying "hey i did this lol". I got 3 bad ends naturally though (Adine, Remy, Lorem in that order) so i can do the file searching stuff ingame.

    71. Dimas cadangan

      Is this a furry game because im not furry

      1. TheAbsol

        @Ricky Walters Yeah. Zootopia is an obviously furry movie, but a lot of people that weren't furries enjoyed it.

      2. Ricky Walters

        @TheAbsol Correct! I mean seriously, how many Disney movies did we watch as kids? Think about it. o3o (Ftr, i'm 16.5 y/o, im furry too)

      3. TheAbsol

        You don't have to be a furry to enjoy furry games, dude.

      4. Ricky Walters

        You're safe then, because it's for scalies.

    72. SQUAD gamerz

      In the words of daequan doodoo👀I'll keep my money no thank you.

    73. King Goopinator

      I’m confused, why does this have so many dislikes?

      1. King Goopinator

        @Kyle Lee I see. People are quick to judge

      2. Kyle Lee

        This game has NOTHING to do with Furries/Scalies. People are just so dumb.

      3. Ricky Walters

        Because people hate furries and scalies for SOME reason. We're not all like "THEM", it just that "THEY" are so loud that everyone thinks we're all like that.

    74. magnumstrike1

      Worried about big budget games ruining playstation? well here ya go

    75. Ogami Itto

      This looks absolutely terrible.

    76. Artyom Slayer

      Oh, what O_o

    77. Facilus


    78. Grant

      Banger game if one were to play it

    79. Mohamad Attari

      Among us

    80. Austin Turner

      Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

      1. Conker The Raccoon

        no than you. I'd rather not be scammed and waste so much electricity

      2. Dynamite Grizzly

        The only NFTs you should be concerned about are non flushable turds.

      3. Frank Lincoln

        @Janet Flodyer he's Really amazing with an amazing skills he changed my 0.3btc to 2.1btc

      4. Thompson Paul

        @Janet Flodyer That won't bother you if you trade with a professional like Mr Oscar Washington

      5. Janet Flodyer

        I wanted to trade Crypto but got discouraged by the fluctuations in price

    81. Faidou

      Sony, you do know that April Fools day was literally a month ago, right?!

      1. Faidou

        @Ricky Walters I'm not saying it's bad, I'm just surprised this game made it to PS4.

      2. Ricky Walters

        Bold of you to assume it's a bad game.

    82. TallulahSoie

      I bet this furry stuff isn't censored

      1. Ricky Walters

        Actually, literally the only scene with those implications *is* censored. also, *scalie Although, there *is* one furry dragon, as in he has fur, just not a fursuit.

    83. Ditz

      Reminds me of web game where we rIse dragon from baby

      1. Ditz

        @Ricky Walters service already discontinued long ago

      2. Ricky Walters

        Ooh! While it's not that, can I have the name of that? I honestly really like dragon related stuff.

    84. Aeon Calcos


    85. Zaeboshi

      What a trash 🤮

    86. Sponge man

      Why keep feeling this is from deviantart content

      1. Wallace RG9udCBldmVuIHRoaW5rIGFib3V0IGl0

        It's rare for devianart content to get overwhelmingly positive on steam though with as many reviews as the game has (which is over a thousand)

    87. Koroshi 33


    88. Officer Flat Foot

      nothing but the best games for the PS5.

    89. Kr0n81


    90. games youte

      Qui va jouer a se jeux sur sa ps5 mdr 😂

    91. Random Hajile

      Uh.. I was just wondering. *Is this an out-of-season april fools joke?*

    92. Luis Asael Encarnación Pizarro

      This Will end bad

    93. Real THE OCULUS DRAGON Yt Gd


    94. Nite Lite

      People are retarded: Sees Feral Dragons and Sexual Themes tag, immediately thinks Furries. Idiots.

    95. cyberrioter

      *playstation spotlights another VN for scaly fetishists* I'm beginning to see a pattern.

      1. Ricky Walters

        Only one fetish here, which is only satisfied for like 30 seconds tops, on top of that is censored anyways. Other than that, this game's perfectly fine, and is worth a play. Lots of lore.

    96. SG21337

      This looks like something that would be on Steam.

      1. Ricky Walters

        Been on steam since like, 2016 or 17, i think.

      2. Sven-Erik Wennström

        It's already on Steam some while ago

    97. The SwapMeet Flea

      I must be psychic , I knew the dislike was gonna be bad.

      1. Delta


      2. rpghorrorfan

        I’m not into visual novels or anthro content myself except for one or two things, the judgement on both trailers is to a point where it’s ridiculous and embarrassingly ironic

      3. stop

        @Wallace RG9udCBldmVuIHRoaW5rIGFib3V0IGl0 this same thing happened with volcano high it’s so annoying...

      4. Wallace RG9udCBldmVuIHRoaW5rIGFib3V0IGl0

        It's not fair really, the game has an overwhelmingly positive rating on steam with over a thousand reviews. If people actually gave it a chance instead of being turned off by the concept they might like it or be less inclined to dislike anything to do with it

    98. ivor irl

      Why is there danganronpa music lol